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14 Tips for Curling Hair ...

By Kati

Curly hair can look instantly glamorous, and soft waves look perfect on the beach... chances are, everyone is going to curl their hair at least once. But how do you do it? Curling irons, rollers, bobby pins... there’s so much to choose from, how do you know what really works? Here are my top tips for curling hair!

1 Go to a Hairdresser!

Have your hair trimmed, to keep it healthy, and ask them to curl it. Pay attention to how they do it, so that you can repeat the process at home.

2 Ask Questions!

Ask which frizz and heat protection products are best for your hair type, and look up where you can get them at the best price. Ask which method would curl your hair best, and what temperature you should be using. Do they think you have thick hair?

3 Change Your Shampoo!

Stock up on curl-enhancing shampoo and conditioner, which will not only keep your hair healthy, but also will encourage your hair to show some natural curl, too.

4 Glazes!

L'Oreal has recently bought out glazes which you apply to your hair to help you turn a slight natural wave into a gorgeous curl. Get a trial pack, and give it a try! You might be surprised at how naturally curly your hair can be!

5 Hair Dryer!

Make sure your hair dryer has a "long fingers" attachment, which is useful for picking up curls and adding volume and movement. The fingers pick up the hair and hold it while it is gently curled to perfection.

6 Rollers!

If you curl your hair in the morning, the curls can be getting a little lazy by the time the evening comes. Rollers can boost them, whether they are hot or cold.

7 Straighteners!

If you usually straighten your hair, you can use your straightners to curl it. Grab thin sections, slide the straightners down slowly, and flick. This can take some practice, but it work!

8 Use Mousse!

In wet hair, use mousse to protect hair and minimize frizz. Wait five minutes for this to be absorbed.

9 Dry Hair in Sections!

Clip your hair into sections, and use the diffuser to allow movement. Use a heat protection spray, and the lowest temperature possible, as you don’t want to fry hair.

10 Using Curlers...

Get the tip of a thin section of hair in the clamp, and then roll upwards. Hold to the side for bangs. Hold for one to two minutes.

11 Using Cold Rollers...

Allow hair to dry fully, and then apply rollers. Leave for thirty minutes. Rub mousse through before using, and use hairspray to hold.

12 Using Hot Rollers...

Allow rollers to heat up, and put in hair. Wait one to three minutes, take rollers out. Allow hair to sit and cool. Hairspray after a few minutes, and avoid brushing if possible.

13 Hair Spray!

Try to find a hair spray that is made for curled hair. Most will stick hair in its current postion, but curls look better with movement. If you can’t find one specially for curls, pick a normal one and try to use as little of it as possible.

14 Consider a Perm!

If you curl your hair every day, consider getting a perm. Go to a hairdresser and ask to look at pictures of semi perms, and semi waves. Then remember to listen to how to look after it, and when it’ll need doing again.

The great thing about curls is you can change the level of curl, and have a whole new look! I love ringlets, and soft waves. I’m always curling my hair! Have you got a quick hair tip, or a product that never fails? Please let me know!

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