7 Quick and Easy Hair Tips ...


7 Quick and Easy Hair Tips ...
7 Quick and Easy Hair Tips ...

I have never in my life heard of a woman that has had perfect hair 100% of the time. Most of us struggle almost daily with pretty generic problems, like static, fly aways, and lack of volume. These problems that while annoying, aren’t always grueling to fix. Here are 7 quick tips to make sure you don’t have those problems any more...

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Dryer Sheets Prevent Static

Dryer Sheets Prevent Static Photo Credit: catzkill

Have you ever pulled clothes out of the dryer when there wasn’t a dryer sheet in it and had all the clothes stick together? Have you ever pulled clothes over your head only to have your hair go every which way with it? Well, static is the cause of both of these annoying issues and they both have the same fix — a dryer sheet. Just rub it on your head and *BAM* no more static! It doesn’t work that way for clothes though….


Cold Water Makes It Shine!

Cold Water Makes It Shine! Photo Credit: BarnP

I know this sounds a little weird but when you wash your hair with hot water, it opens up the hair and then, after conditioning and rinsing with old water, the cold water closes what the hot water opened, trapping in the vitamins and proteins from the conditioner in your hair. That makes it shiny!


A Little Spray Tames Fly-aways

A Little Spray Tames Fly-aways Photo Credit: Brennana93

This one is pretty simple and straightforward. I know that just about everyone has styled their hair one day only to find fly aways show up after about 3 minutes outdoors. I have a simple solution. Carry around a travel size hairspray, when you notice the fly aways do a quick spritz and those fly aways will lay flat again. But don’t overdo it, you don’t want your hair to look crunchy.


Split Ends? Try a Little Lotion...

Split Ends? Try a Little Lotion... Photo Credit: insanebeth87

I’m sure we all know what it’s like to be just a little too busy to go get a haircut and having those split ends really stick out and make us look bad. But, fear no more, I have a quick, easy, albeit temporary solution. Just take a little bit of lotion or moisturizer and rub it into the very ends of your hair where they’re splitting. It will reduce the look of split ends for a little while!


A Quick Tease for Volume

A Quick Tease for Volume Photo Credit: hairfinder

Don’t you just hate it when you spend the morning styling your hair and by noon it’s fallen flat again? I know I do. So, in order to prevent this, I keep a teasing comb in my purse and if I see my hair start to fall a little I just give it a little tease and go about my business with some very voluminous hair.


Don't Straighten Every Day

Don't Straighten Every Day Photo Credit: ~unwanted~

I know that we all love how our hair look when it’s straightened and we love how soft if feels, but the fact is that straightening fries your hair. Just make sure you don’t do it daily or else you’ll wind up with straw for hair. And that is the opposite of what we want!


If Your Bangs Don't Go, Pin 'em up!

If Your Bangs Don't Go, Pin 'em up! Photo Credit: sugarraindrops_

Sometimes when your hair, or your bangs, don't do what you want them to do, you should just give in and pin them back. It’s a lot faster than wrestling with a million products to make that one piece fall just right!

Well ladies, those are my quick and easy tips. I have just one more, never leave the house without a ponytail holder or bobby pin just in case! Do any of you have any tips for me? Let me know down below!

Top Photo Credit: sienna mooney

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ya its a gud tips for a dry hair now i also using cold water its realy helping me...

Great tips! I need to do the cold water rinse and moisturizer at the ends tricks! Hope you can come to my slumber party! xo, mel

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