15 Best Shampoos for Girls with Oily Hair ...


15 Best Shampoos for Girls with Oily Hair ...
15 Best Shampoos for Girls with Oily Hair ...

be a bit on the frustrating side. There are many times when I had to deal with oily hair, but that is before I found the best shampoo for me. Not only was it the best shampoo, but if was the best shampoo for oily hair. Of course, I do not stick to just one brand of shampoo, I alternate between different brands ever so often. But below, I am going to give you 15 brands of shampoo for oily hair that I absolutely love and I hope you'll love them too…

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Degrease Shampoo for Oily Hair

product,lotion,athk,solution,Mooly/greasy, $10.95 at amazon.com
How exactly do you deal with oil hair? Well, you use Degrease shampoo! You can use this shampoo as much as you wish. It will help your hair, without damaging it. It will clean and tone your scalp and allow it to breathe again. This shampoo contains lemon essential oil, which breaks up grease and washes it from your scalp and strands. Perfect!


Oily hair can be a persistent annoyance, but Degrease Shampoo is specially formulated to tackle that challenge head-on. Its unique blend of ingredients goes beyond the powerful lemon essential oil, incorporating gentle cleansing agents that regulate sebum production without over-stripping. The result is a refreshing, balanced scalp with hair that looks clean and feels soft for longer. Say goodbye to daily washes and hello to bouncy, non-greasy locks! With regular use, your hair becomes more manageable, and you regain that effortless confidence that comes from knowing your hair is just as vibrant and fresh as you are.


Silk & Stone Shampoo Powder for Oily Hair

Alice & Trixie,plant,land plant,food,produce, $11.99 at amazon.com
This 100% natural formula is perfect for helping get rid of oil in your hair. The powder soaks up grease and shine so you can brush it right out. This is ideal for a quick clean, but you can use it anytime you need to tone the oil. It also battles dandruff so you're all set.

Frequently asked questions

Shampoos that are specifically designed for oily hair often contain ingredients like salicylic acid, tea tree oil, or other clarifying components that help control excess oil production. It's best to look for lightweight formulas that cleanse the scalp without stripping natural oils completely.

Teen girls with oily hair might need to wash their hair more often, possibly every other day or even daily, depending on how quickly their hair gets greasy. However, it's important not to overwash, as this can stimulate the scalp to produce even more oil.

When choosing a shampoo for a tween with oily hair, look for products that are free from heavy moisturizers and oils. Shampoos labeled 'volumizing,' 'strengthening,' or 'balancing' can be effective. Also, consider mild, gentle formulas that won't irritate young sensitive scalps.

Yes, using the wrong shampoo can contribute to an increase in oil production. Shampoos that are too moisturizing or heavy can leave residue and weigh hair down, making it look and feel even greasier.

In addition to using the right shampoo, natural remedies like rinsing hair with diluted apple cider vinegar or using a homemade hair mask with ingredients like clay or aloe vera can help to naturally balance the scalp's oil production.


Nexus Hydra Light for Oily Hair

Nexxus,water,lotion,product,skin, $8.88 at amazon.com
This weightless shampoo is great for whisking away oil and grime for your hair, without weighing it down. Deep sea minerals help hydrate your hair without making it greasy and hard to deal with.


The Nexus Hydra Light for Oily Hair offers a refreshing cleanse that's perfect for those struggling with excess oil. Infused with nourishing ingredients that respect your scalp's natural balance, it ensures that your hair stays fresh and buoyant throughout the day. Plus, there's no residue left behind, just pure, lightweight freshness. Ideal for daily use, it's a go-to for maintaining oil control with a gentle touch. Whether you’re heading to the office or out on the town, this shampoo ensures your hair looks vibrant and feels clean without any extra hassle.


Leonor Greyl

skin, lotion, Leonor, Greyl, SONN, $45.00 at jet.com
This is the best shampoo for oily hair and devitalized scalp. If your hair is oily, then this shampoo will work wonders. It will bring it back to life and give it lots of shine. After only one application, I noticed just how great it worked.


Aubrey Organics Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo

Aubrey Organics, lotion, bedtime, product, skin, $10.40 at amazon.com
Great for oily hair! It also smells good and lathers up perfectly. It is one of the best shampoos I have ever tired! If you want the best shampoo for oily hair, then this may just be it. When I pour it in my hand, it was a bit on the watery side, so you do have to watch out for this. Other than that, it is G-R-E-A-T!


American Crew Shampoo

American Crew, sun tanning, lotion, product, skin, $15.83 at amazon.com
If you want to get rid of that oily hair without damaging it, then this is definitely a great shampoo to try out. Crew is a leader in Mens grooming, which makes it one of the best shampoos you can possibly use to get rid of that oily hair. I do not find many complaints online surrounding this shampoo, so I recommend giving it a try.


June Jacobs - Citrus Clarifying Shampoo

lotion,nectar,bottle,label,drink, $19.99 at amazon.com
This shampoo is for normal to oily hair. It has been formulated with lemon in order to reduce the greasiness in the hair. It will thoroughly cleanse and clarify oily hair and scalp. It will leave your scalp as clean as clean can be. As for the hair, well, that will be soft and shiny. You will have a refreshing lemon scent radiating from your hair.


Leonor Greyl Lait Lavant Banana Everyday Banana Milk Shampoo

lotion,skin,product,skin care,cream, $45.00 at amazon.com
I like this shampoo, because it is gentle enough to use every day. It consists of mild Banana milk, which is great for your hair. It is based on collagen and proteins, which will add softness to your hair. It will also give it that bouncy, fine look. It will work wonders on oily hair, which is why it is listed as the best shampoo for oily hair.


Neutrogena anti-residue Shampoo

Neutrogena,perfume,distilled beverage,cosmetics,Neutrogena, $4.59 at amazon.com
This shampoo is designed for all hair types, including greasy hair. It will help remove built up sebum and hair products so that your mane is healthy and shiny without any excess oil greasing things up. You'll love how effective and affordable this shampoo is.


Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo for Normal to Oily Hair

Suave, product, lotion, skin, body wash, $12.99 at amazon.com
Yes, I just had to list Suave on here as it is available to everyone. This shampoo will bring out the natural beauty of your hair. It may be a cheap price, but you should not let it choose you. It will not strip your hair from its moisture, but it will chase that oil away.


Desert Essence Shampoo, Lemon for Oily Hair

Desert Essence, produce, plant, nectar, flowering plant, $9.60 at amazon.com
This may be a gentle shampoo, but it is highly effective. It is based on coconut oil and sugar. The organic oils in it will help remove the extra oil that builds up in your hair. It consists of Leptospermum Petersonii oil, which has the smell of lemons. It also has Organic Tea Trea Leaf Oil and Organic Jojoba Seed Oil in it.


The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo

product,flavor,RAINFOREST,BALANCE,SHAMPOO, $5.70 at amazon.com
This shampoo balances the greasiness/dryness of your scalp and hair so you always have hydrated lush locks. White nettle and seaweed come together to help soak up sebum so your hair never looks greasy. The Body Shop sells fair trade products so if that's important to you, this is definitely the shampoo for you to try.


Neutrogena - Clean Replenishing Shampoo

lotion, skin, body wash, CLEAN, REPLENISHING, $78.99 at amazon.com
If you've been dying for a shampoo that doesn't leave a built up on your hair and that leaves it super soft and very clean, this is the shampoo for you! It's also super affordable and ever-so-easy to use everyday!


Malibu Scalp Wellness Shampoo

distilled beverage, lotion, body wash, drink, ALIBU, $34.91 at amazon.com
Oily scalps can kill, but this particular shampoo will not only help relieve any flaking or itching, but it'll leave your hair full and soft! It is packed with essential oils of spearmint and eucalyptus to really make your hair beautiful!


Joe Grooming - Daily Shampoo

masque, lotion, skin, abdomen, body wash, $9.24 at amazon.com
Finally, the last shampoo that we're going to talk about is Joe Grooming! This shampoo does a balancing act and is super easy to use. It's great for someone that has a sensitive scalp!

There are so many other shampoos that could be labeled as the best shampoo, but I decided to stick with these 15 best shampoo for oily hair. I know that some of the shampoo in this list is expensive, but for those of you that cannot afford the stuff with the large price tag, I have listed some affordable stuff too. What shampoo have you used in the past in order to get rid of the oil in your hair? Have you ever tried any of the shampoo from this list?

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wow i love shampoo even though i have no dandruff or anything i still wash my hair like 3 times just because i love the feel of shampoo and the way it washes and cleans your hair im in love with every shampoo there is in the world:D

Does anyone know of shampoo that DOES damage your hair and leave it dry. I don't condition, color, or do anything to my hair. Clarifying shampoo does absolutely nothing to remove grease. In fact, the oil on my hair keeps building up. Degunkify used to work, but Herbal Essences discountinued it. Do you know of any SUPER STRONG shampoos? Thanks!

Just like everyone on here I have oily scalp, hair, but my ends are dry and breaking off. So I have tried so many shampoos our there. First I found, dont use any shampoo that isnt clean in color. So no Cream looking formulas. I have found 3 that work and one of them is all natural, the second I do believe is all natural and the third i just love anyways. First is from Lush I love Juicy. The Second one is from ABBA Detox Shampoo, the Third is from AG Hair Peppermint Wash Shampoo. I use conditioner on my hair, but only the ends. I have never used conditioner all over my hair. My hair get oily by the end of the day, so I wash my hair in the morning. I hope this helps someone out there. I switch up my shampoo every 3 months. I use the ABBA one Once a week. It will get everything out of your hair, FYI, it smells gross.

Thanks for this post Melanie....My hair is oily but also so thin and 2 times a year I must make anti hair loss treatments :)

Great! I was wondering since people were saying that baking soda helped and that there were a few different products with lemon...I was wondering if mixing lemon, baking soda, and the shampoo I use would help.

I use alot of styling products that make my hair oily, aside from the normal oil that presents its self through the day, I use Neutrogena T/SAL, it has 3% salicylic acid in it so I always feel like it is a chemical peel for my hair, though it probaly isn't the best for colored hair. i use it a few times a month to strip away any extra oil or hair products left behind by normal shampooing. Even without conditioner it leaves my hair rather soft and managable. There is also a shampoo called Orzene Beer Shampoo I found while in Serbia. They have one for oily hair that works wonderfully. Unfortunatly I have not been able to find it here in America..and I miss it soo much.

Neutrogena Anti-Residue is good. I was doing some research about chemicals in shampoo and this one has them in much smaller amounts. Also, Paula Begoun suggests it because, apparently, it doesn't build up. Volumizing shampoos do, or so they say. Neutrogena's shampoo doesn't smell great--they don't do much to hide the smell of cleansers--but let me just say that it also leaves my skin soft. It's more expensive than Suave or VO5 but at least it does what it claims. You can get this at pretty much any drug store.

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