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Hair loss affects men and women alike. Sure, guys are usually the ones who complain the loudest, since it is often more noticeable on them, but many women suffer from hair loss as well. Here are 7 foods that will combat hair loss, for both men and women. Feel free to pass them on to friends and family members or add some of your own in the comment section.

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Oranges Photo Credit: challiyan

Vitamin C is found in oranges and other citrus fruits. While lemons and limes also have vitamin C in them, they just aren’t as tasty as a good orange. The citric acid in lemons and limes can also be harsh on a person’s mouth. So, sticking with oranges not only provides a healthy snack, but the abundance of vitamin C is perfect for good hair growth.



Onions Photo Credit: ***TR.iPod

Not everyone is able to eat a lot of onions and many people can’t get past the difficulty of peeling or chopping them either. I personally eat them on just about everything. I have to make sure to cook them thoroughly first, otherwise my stomach gives me lots of grief. These are rich in sulfur, which increases hair growth and decreases hair loss.


Roast Beef

Roast Beef Photo Credit: Pillsbury.com

If you’re not into red meat, then this might be an issue for you. Even a small portion of roast beef is helpful in reducing hair loss. It isn’t as if you have to eat it every night for dinner. The vitamin A and zinc in roast beef help get rid of dandruff, which causes not only an itchy scalp, but supposedly hair loss as well.


Whole Wheat

Whole Wheat Photo Credit: musicpb

Once nutritionists found out that whole wheat flour was much better for people than white flour, many products have been made with this healthier flour instead. You have choices of bread products, pastries, pasta, and even cereals that use whole wheat. Iron and silica are both found in wheat, which enable the body to absorb more minerals and vitamins from foods. When the body is able to maintain high levels of essential vitamins and minerals, hair loss is less of an issue.



Almonds Photo Credit: musicpb

Almonds not only reduce cholesterol levels, but they are also an excellent source of protein. They are a natural form of aspirin as well. Eating 15 of them is equivalent to taking two aspirins, so they help both fight hair loss and headaches. Each almond is filled with vitamin E and iron, both of which are essential for strong and healthy hair.



Soy Photo Credit: koe2moe

Soybeans are used to make tons of food products today. The iron in soybeans increases the production of hemoglobin in the human body. This increased production enables tissues in the body to get more oxygen, which increases hair growth. Vegetarians have it made with all the discoveries of new ways to utilize soybeans. Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, ingesting some soy products won’t hurt you any, unless you are allergic to soy. Some people fight gas issues when eating a lot of soy. But, hey, would you rather be gassy or bald? Your choice.



Fish Photo Credit: racingsquirrel

The essential fatty acids found in fish are excellent for not only hair growth, but also for nails and skin too. I know not everyone can stomach the smell of fish, but fresh fish smells and tastes a lot better than canned tuna, in my opinion. I can easily eat a grilled tuna or swordfish steak with a baked potato. Once the smell of a newly opened can of tuna hits my nose, I’m usually not in the mood for lunch anymore. At least the cats enjoy the canned tuna!

There are plenty of alternatives for people who are battling hair loss; hair implants, salves, etc. These 7 foods that will combat hair loss might not be the most traditional way to deal with the loss of hair, but they can’t hurt. Right? Have you heard of any of these foods helping with hair loss? Do you have any other suggestions that you have come across?

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