8 Healthy Foods for Gaining Weight in Summer ...


8 Healthy Foods for Gaining Weight in Summer ...
8 Healthy Foods for Gaining Weight in Summer ...

Trying to gain weight during these hot summer months can be pretty hard but luckily not impossible. Are you supposed to skip the fun times at the beach? Strap yourself to the bed and have somebody feed you every 20 minutes? Of course not! You can have all the fun you want, burn a lot of calories and still gain a good couple of pounds. The only thing you must remember to do is EAT and by that, I don’t mean just any foods! I’m talking about healthy stuff here, ladies, and I’m going to go one step further and suggest 8 healthy foods for gaining weight in summer. So keep reading and “Bon Appetite”!

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Energy Bars

If you’re trying to gain weight energy bars are the best possible thing to have at hand regardless of the season. But, let’s see what they can do for you in the summer as summer is one of those critical times for all the people who are trying to increase their weight – they are high in calories, they will reenergize you, they are tasty and you don’t need to go through a lot of trouble to eat them. Now, some energy bars aren’t really as healthy as the package and the TV commercial suggests so if you’re worried about all those artificial flavors and sugars, you can always make your own energy bars.


Homemade Smoothies

My next suggestion of healthy foods for gaining weight in the summer would be homemade smoothies as opposed to the regular ones that are indeed tasty but totally unhealthy. If you like soy milk use that if not use regular but low fat milk, add fruits, peanut butter, protein powders and voila! You got yourself a tasty drink that’s both healthy and packed with calories.


Healthy Drinks

My skinny sister loooves Coca Cola and although she’s got a great pair of legs and a great butt she’s too embarrassed to wear short pants because of all that cellulite her favorite carbonated drink has given her. So, keep your hands away from those and focus on natural fruit juices or ice teas. They aren’t as refreshing as sodas, I know, but they are much healthier. If being skinny is your problem imagine how terrible it would be if you had cellulite as a bonus!


Refreshing Desserts

Fruits covered in honey, refreshing icy sorbets, low fat ice-creams… the list of sweet and healthy foods for gaining weight in summer can be even longer if you allow yourself to get creative. You have to count your calories, figure out creative ways to get yourself to eat as much of them as possible but you also must not forget there is a big difference between healthy calories and empty calories, these last, of course, being the easily accessible but not as nearly as useful ones.



Fish and other types of sea creatures are something I prefer to eat in the summer and I’d like to suggest them to you too. You see, I’ve somehow managed to gain weight last summer and when I look back and start thinking about the things I ate… well, let’s just say I’ve tried pretty much every poor creature living the Aegean Sea! These things are healthy, very tasty, you feel like you can eat a ton of them and, oh, unless you buy the deep frozen ones that taste like cardboard, they are definitely not good for weight loss! I’m planning on being extra careful this year!



Pasta, rice and even beans and potatoes fall under the category of so-called complex carbohydrates and since nobody likes to eat too much bread or baked goods in the summer, you might want to use these to prevent summer weight loss.



Believe it or not, fruits could actually help gain weight! Eat a banana instead of an apple, a melon instead of a watermelon or a mango/papaya instead of an orange. I don’t need to tell you how healthy fruits really are – don’t I? So, if you’re trying to gain weight definitely get informed on which fruits are rich in calories and include them into your summer diet.



Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, tasty and totally available – nuts definitely fall under the category of healthy foods for gaining weight in summer! They won’t make you feel heavy so you can even pack a bag of those to snack while chilling on the beach! You don’t need to be hungry to eat nuts and once you start eating… well... Has anybody ever managed to eat just ONE peanut?

But, how about you ladies? Are you trying to lose or gain weight this summer? I really hope the ones trying to gain a few pounds found this list of healthy foods for gaining weight in the summer helpful.

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Thanks for writing some articles that help out those of us who actually need to GAIN weight! It is so hard to find anything but weight loss advice. I've got about 15 pounds to gain and these tips will really help!!

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