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50 High Calorie Foods to Help You Gain Weight Fast ...

By Mabelle

In this skinny-obsessed world that we live in, it's difficult to believe that anyone would be interested in learning about the fooditems which are bad for us since they have high-caloric content. However, there are some naturally skinny women who actually prefer to have a figure like Jennifer Lopez rather than the paper-thin weight of the Olsen twins. And if you want to do it in a healthy way, here are some high calorie foods that should be in your shopping cart!

Lots of good healthy foods can be added to your diet instead of fried foods and can result in a healthier, heavier you.
Dana Prince

1 Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast CerealsIf you are on a gain-weight-fast diet program, just eat 10 or 20 grams more than the recommended portion size of your favorite breakfast cereal. A lot of your favorite breakfast cereals are high calorie foods, and they're a favorite snack for many people -- you don't have to stick to eating them at breakfast. Anyway, if you get carried away and overfill your bowl, you have the rest of the day to burn off those excess calories.

2 Pasta

PastaA 2-ounce serving of cooked pasta contains only 75 calories. It's the rest of the ingredients, such as the meatballs on the spaghetti, which contribute to this being a high-calorie dish. Of course, pasta does have a lot of carbs, so it's apt to be more filling. You'll want to remember the ratio if you're trying to put on some extra pounds.

It's such a good dish that I bet you are still drooling puddles after that description. I wish I had a pic but alas the drooling clogged my head and I just stared at it.

3 Peanut Butter

Peanut ButterSpread a couple of tablespoons of smooth, salted peanut butter on bread. It gives you 192 calories! Plus, there are dozens of other ways to eat peanut butter, from making milkshakes and smoothies to having a nice, gooey peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And don't forget, it's super high in protein, so it's not that bad for you, anyway!

4 Chocolate Nut Spread

Chocolate Nut SpreadA 100-gram serving of chocolate nut spread has 541 calories so you'll really pack on the pounds by munching on these sweets. Nutellla is also increasing in popularity the world over, so it's easy to find pretty much wherever you live. You can follow the advice on the commercials and spread it on whole wheat toast, or you can just enjoy the delicious, chocolaty goodness of this high calorie food!

5 Cheese

CheeseOne serving of the good old cheddar cheese packs a good 69 calories. However, there are so many other, more decadent options you can choose from! How does a smear (or five) of warm, gooey brie sound right now? Maybe with some apples or pears, or spread on your favorite kind of cracker ... yum!

Cheese is basically concentrated milk, so its nutrition value is similar. This means high in protein and calcium but also high in fat, cholesterol and cheese calories.

6 Dressings

DressingsDepending on the type of dressing and the amount that you will pour on to your favorite salad dish, it can pack 50 to as much as 85 calories for each 1-tablespoon serving. If you're trying to give yourself some curves, quit ordering your salads dry! Choose something delicious and creamy, like a Parmesan/peppercorn dressing. You can't get more delicious than that!

7 Butter/Margarine

Butter/MargarineSalted butter has 36 calories for each 5-gram serving. The calories should pile up, depending on the thickness of the butter or margarine that you'll spread on the bread. The great thing is, you don't have to relegate butter to a spread. Toss out the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and start using the real thing in your day to day cooking when you don't want to be as slender as you are. Go all out, even, and try Julia Childs' roast chicken!

Eating butter increases the absorption of many other nutrients in other foods.

8 Chocolate

ChocolateOne mini-chocolate or candy bar can contain 37 calories. It tastes a lot more decadent than that, doesn't it? Different types of chocolate have different ratios, of course, but if you have a sweet tooth and you want to put on some extra weight, why not try them all? Chocolate, too, can be used in myriad ways, and there's no better time to experiment!

9 Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat BreadYou can eat healthy and pack on pounds at the same time by eating whole wheat bread instead of the overly processed white bread. One slice of the brown variant contains 69 calories. Make no mistake, it is healthier, since it's more natural than its processed counterpart. Even healthy nutrients can make you bulk up.

10 Guacamole

GuacamoleAside from being good for the heart, a creamy batch of guacamole ups the ante in your weight-gain program. A 261-gram serving contains as much as 360 calories. This is slightly off-topic, but eating a lot of guacamole -- and avocado, in general -- will also make your hair and skin extremely soft.

Avocado is one of the most recommended fruits as well as a food for bodybuilding and medicine for cholesterol-related heart disease.
Mansi Desai

11 Yogurt

YogurtThe fruit-flavored, non-fat yogurt can give you as much as 118 calories for a 125-gram serving. Many people don't realize it's a high calorie food, because it is good when you're on a diet, as well. It's all about what kind you eat, and how much of it you eat.

12 Pure Fruit Juice

Pure Fruit JuiceAside from giving your body the vitamins and nutrients that it needs, pure fruit juices also pack a lot of calories. One ounce of the commercially-packaged fruit juice contains 57 calories. This is further proof that just because a food or beverage is high in calories doesn't mean it's not healthy in other ways. You need those vitamins!

13 Bananas

BananasOne large banana contains 120 calories, and when you slice that up with your peanut butter sandwich or breakfast cereal, guess how many more calories you can get? This fruit is excellent for weight gain, but it won't be unhealthy. And bananas really are excellent when you eat them with other foods that are high in calories.

Bananas have the reputation for causing weight gain for good reason. They are very high in simple carbs. Eating a lot of them will make you gain weight but it probably won't be from muscle.
JP Clifford

14 Nuts

NutsAll types of nuts are good for the heart, and are high in calories. Salted, roasted cashew nuts, for example, have 165 calories for each serving. Different nuts will have different calorie levels, of course, so it always pays to do a little nutritional investigating before you start munching on your favorite nuts.

15 Olive Oil

Olive OilOne tablespoon of the olive oils that you use at home contains 40 calories and it's healthier than the regular cooking oil that you use for frying. See? High calorie foods really are healthier alternatives sometimes. Not to mention, I think olive oil is the greatest invention ever. It's useful in so many ways!

Olive oil, which is pure fat, contains 1920 calories per cup. Any food that has a lot of fat in it will have a high calorie density.

16 Lard

LardIf olive oil's healthy, just wait until you hear the caloric content of lard. One tablespoon has 115 calories! Even when you're trying to put on some more weight, you need to go easy on this one. Still, it definitely does have its place!

17 White Meat (Chicken)

White Meat (Chicken)Chicken breast, which is supposed to be the healthiest and fat-less part of this type of white meat, has 78 calories for each serving, which contains about 70 grams. It really is healthy, but hey. You can add additional calories depending on how you cook the meat. For example (again), Julia Childs' buttery roast chicken!

18 Bacon

BaconOne thick slice of exquisitely satisfying bacon contains 174 calories, which is perfect for those who are trying to gain weight fast. That's a lot, but bacon is bacon. It's definitely high in calories, but so many people love it anyway!

19 Salmon

SalmonA 3-ounce serving of salmon contains 152 calories. That may seem like a lot, but again, it's still a healthy choice. Salmon contains many of the things the body needs. It's both healthy and heavily caloric -- and pretty delicious, if you enjoy fish.

The richest dietary source of Omega 3 fatty acids are cold-water fatty fishes such as Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Sardines and Hoki. Fish are a rich source EPA and DHA fats, the two most essential omega 3 fats.
William Coit

20 Beef

BeefIf you have a serving of beef strips for breakfast, three slices would cost you 153 calories. It's easy to believe, but as with bacon, sometimes, some folks just can't resist! Regardless, it will help you put on weight, although it depends on the cut as well.

21 Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal Replacement ShakesCalories per serving: 250-300, varies by type of shake

I personally LOVE meal replacement shakes. Not only they can be heavy in calories, they can be healthy too and they taste so great, you'll be actually want more! Go to your local GNC if you want an awesome shake with protein loaded in calories (the kind the athletes drink after the workout) or Jamba Juice or any similar place that makes great, healthy shakes for you to enjoy.

22 Protein Bars

Protein BarsCalories per serving: 150-250, varies by type of bar

Protein bars can also help you gain weight, mainly due to the ingredients within them. You need to be careful about what kind of protein or energy bar you choose, though, because they may have a lot of sugar as well. Most of all, make sure you choose one with plenty of protein per serving, because good proteins aid in healthy weight gain.

23 Granola Bars

Granola BarsCalories per serving: 100-200, varies by type of bar

Granola bars are excellent high calorie snacks although, again, you have to be careful not to choose anything with too much sugar. Similar to protein bars, the calorie count here comes from the ingredients: in addition to oats and things, granola bars often include chocolate, nuts, and honey, all of which are high in calories.

24 Smoothies

SmoothiesCalories per serving: 600-700, varies by type of smoothie and ingredients

Okay, so, you're probably thinking that smoothies are meant for losing weight. That's only true for some of them. If you pack in yogurt, milk, protein powder, and similar ingredients, you can get a seriously high calorie smoothie filled with foods that are fattening, yes, but still healthy.

25 Ice Cream

Ice CreamCalories per serving: 200+, varies by type of ice cream

Some might say that ice cream is not a very healthy choice, BUT like with everything else, if you indulge every other time and not have it 3 times a day, then you should be absolutely fine. It's delicious, it's dense in calories and it's perfect for hot days. Also, you can always opt for Organic Ice Cream if you want to gain weight in a healthier manner.

26 Berries

BerriesCalories per serving: 229+, varies by type of berries

Berries? High in calories? You bet! They make a great weight loss food, too, but that's when you're counting out small servings. If you eat yourself an entire pint of blueberries in your weight gain quest, you're getting a pretty good chunk of calories, but you're not having to deal with a lot of fat.

27 Lobster

LobsterCalories per serving: 111+, varies by size of lobster and amount eaten

Lobster makes a great high calorie food to indulge in when you're trying to gain weight because it's got so much protein. At the same time, it has very little fat, so it's not going to make you gain a lot of unhealthy fat. Lobsters get a bad rap, really, because as you can see, they're not that bad for you at all.

28 Doughnuts

DoughnutsCalories per serving: 198-299, varies by type and size of doughnut

Doughnuts can be an amazing high calorie food, especially if you get them from a doughnut place that actually knows how to make them right. Forget Dunkin Donuts, they are nowhere near healthy, although, they are really high calorie food, but rather try to find a small place with home made doughnuts like Bombolini doughnuts on Columbus Ave in New York.

29 Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sweetened Condensed MilkCalories per serving: 130

That may not seem like a lot of calories, but you have to realize that most people don't use the entire can of sweetened condensed milk when they cook or bake with it. The average size is usually a tablespoon or so. So, if you want to put on weight, use this to sweeten your coffee. If you're trying to cut down and shed some pounds, stay away from the Carnation!

30 Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot PieCalories per serving: Approximately 484

Pies in general are a high calorie food, but if it's chicken pot pie you actually have a real meal right there instead of just a dessert. It's nutritious and it's delicious at the same time - a great way to get fat fast to have a few slices instead of bread with your meal.

31 Baked Beans

Baked BeansCalories per serving: 192-238, varies by brand and recipe

Whether you make your baked beans yourself or get them from a can, you're looking at a seriously high calorie food. If you add in pork or hot dogs, the numbers shoot even higher. Beans are generally a decent food, but baked beans are high in carbs and sodium. You get some protein as well, though, which kind of balances it out.

32 Potato Salad

Potato SaladCalories per serving: 358+, varies by recipe and ingredients

Potato salad, despite the word "salad" in it, has very little in common with other salads. It's one of the highest in calorie salads one can find. With all the mayo and the potatoes you are in for a very nutritious meal, add a few slices of bread and a fresh squeezed juice and you've got around 800 calories right there. A very nice way to put on some weight!

33 Dates

DatesCalories per serving: 270+, varies by size and type of date

Dates have a lot of calories too, but the thing is, they're still good for you. 100 grams of a Medjool date will give you 277 calories, while the same amount of Deglet Noor dates have 282 calories. However, if you eat a cup of them chopped, you're looking at 415 calories. Wow!

34 Eggs

EggsCalories per serving: 54+, varies by size of egg

Can you imagine! One small egg contains 54 calories; a medium egg has 66; a large egg contains 74; an extra large egg goes up to 85; and a jumbo sized egg contains 96 calories. Have a cup of eggs, you're looking at around 357 calories. However, regardless of what you might have heard, eggs, in addition to being high calorie foods, are actually really good for you.

35 Sausage

SausageCalories per serving: 68+, varies by type of sausage

Sausage varies by type but in general they are very high in calories. There is a wide selection of organic sausages available today, so you can indulge without worrying about all the antibiotics and additives that can be found in conventional sausage. From classic hot dogs to sassy Italian spicy sausage, you'll sure find the right high calorie sausage that you'll like.

36 Dark Chocolate

Dark ChocolateCalories per serving: 501 in 100g

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Dark chocolate given its high calorie content is a great addition to your diet if you're looking to gain weight. Besides being delicious, dark chocolate is also heart healthy and is known to lower high blood pressure and and LDL cholesterol (the bad kind). Just remember the darker it is, the better!

37 Soybeans

SoybeansCalories per serving: 376 in 1 cup (256 g)

Another healthy, high calorie food is the nutty, delicious soybean. Eat them as they are, boil them, steam them or try them in the form of soy milk or even soy yogurt. Not only are they rich in protein (which makes them a great substitute for meat btw) but are also a rich source of calcium, iron and several B-vitamins and fiber. They also lower your risk for osteoporosis and reduce symptoms of menopause! Oh soybean, is there anything you can't do?

38 Brown Rice

Brown RiceCalories per serving: 216 in 1 cup

I tend to stay away from rice but if I must eat it, I make sure that it is brown rice. It may not look as appetizing but it is definitely more fiber rich and nutritious than its white, polished counterpart. It is an incredibly rich source of manganese, providing over 85% of your daily requirements in just a single cup! It is also full of selenium as well as fiber, and that means it will keep you satisfied for hours after you consume it. Perfect for me!

39 Avocados

AvocadosCalories per serving: 160 in 100 g

Avocados are one of the healthiest high calorie foods you can find. They are a rich source of lutein, Vitamin E and folic acid and are known to lower your cholesterol, keep your heart healthy and make an effective "happy food". Let's not forget that they taste absolutely divine! Try them in salads, sandwiches, dips or of just stick to the good 'ol "scoop and eat" method...

40 Mangoes

MangoesCalories per serving: 130 cal in 1 med mango

Did you know that in some countries mangoes are called the king of fruits? What a befitting title considering how GOOD they taste and how wonderful they are for you. They have tons of fiber and Vitamin A, aid in digestion, keep your skin glowing, normalize insulin levels in blood and contain a lot of tryptophan making it yet another "happy food". My summers are pretty much incomplete without this luscious tropical wonder!

41 Dried Fruits

Dried FruitsCalories per serving: Anywhere from 85 (raisins) to 102 (apricots)

The best thing about these tiny delicious treats are that they are so versatile! Add them to cereals, salads, homemade granola or trail mix or even rice for that element of surprise sweetness. They are also rich in vitamins and fiber and make a super convenient snack to carry around.

42 Coconut Milk

Coconut MilkCalories per serving: 250 cals in 100 g

I'm a huge fan of Thai food and part of what makes so much of their food taste so good is coconut milk! Unfortunately this tasty ingredient is also often misunderstood. Yes, it does have a whopping 85 to 90 per cent saturated fat but at the same time is anti-carcinogenic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-viral! When it comes to coconut milk, moderation is key and if possible, stick to the organic kinds.

43 Wheat Germ

Wheat GermCalories per serving: 360 in 100 g

I first heard about wheat germ from a friend who was on a weight gain plan. Essentially it is a powdery substance, derived from wheat kernel embryos that is high in calories and folic acid, but contains only half a gram of saturated fat per serving. Stirring 1/4 cup of wheat germ into pudding or yogurt will add upto 120 calories to your meal!

44 Bagels and Breads

Bagels and BreadsCalories per serving: Up to 280 in 100 g

From whole wheat to rye to pumpernickel to seasame seed to raisin and nut to Sourdough, there's a bread and bagel for every mood and every day of the week! Plus there are a thousand different ways to devour them: with jam, cheese, hummus, peanut Seriously, I cannot think of a more delicious way to add calories to your diet!

45 Baked Sweet Potato

Baked Sweet PotatoCalories per serving: 162 in one large potato

As one of those people who believes that potatoes are one of God's best creations, I will find any excuse to eat one, high calorie food or not. If you're looking to gain weight add a baked sweet potato as a side dish. Sweet potatoes are much more rich in vitamins than their white counterparts. Don't forget to add a dab of butter, sour cream or even low fat yogurt to increase the calorie count and make them finger lickin' good!

46 Chilli and Beans

Chilli and BeansCalories per serving: 300 in one cup

For the healthiest chilli and beans, stick to making your own, instead of opting for cans. Here's one of my favorite recipes: Here's another one for carnivores like me : Add cheese or sour cream before serving and voila! Delicious, healthy, homemade chilli and beans!

47 Whole Milk

Whole MilkCalories per serving: 146 in 1 cup

If skim milk is great for weight loss, whole milk will most definitely give you the extra calories you need to gain weight, not to mention more calcium and protein.If you're like me and can't stand plain milk, try smoothies! They really are life-savers. Blend a couple of your favorite fruits (bananas, mangoes and strawberries are my favorite combination) with a cup of milk and half a cup of yogurt and some sugar. Mmm...

48 Trail Mix

Trail MixCalories per serving: 462 in 100 g

They may be small in size but they sure are big in calories! To avoid unhealthy ingredients, I suggest DIY trail mix. Nuts, dried fruits, mini pretzels, goldfish crackers, unsweetened flaked coconut, delicious chocolate chips and anything else that comes to mind. Customize as you please and you're set! It's the perfect, healthy, high calorie snack for when you're on the go.

49 Crepes

CrepesCalories per serving: 112-158 in 1 crepe depending on type

I have always had a weak spot for these deliciously light French pancakes. They're easy to make, easy to experiment with and most importantly oh-so-good to eat! Of course moderation is key when it comes to crepes and once you've mastered the basic recipe, you can pretty much unleash your creative side with them

50 Crab Meat

Crab MeatCalories per serving: 160 in 1 cup cooked crab

Of course this isn't a very pocket friendly addition to your diet (if it is, oh how I'm jealous!) but it's okay to indulge in this crustacean once in a while. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin E and Vitamin B-12. Few things that taste this good are also this healthy. What do you know, there is a God after all! :D

This list works well for those who are watching their diet, too.

Remember that if you would like to reach your weight gain (or weight loss) goals, learning as much information as you can about the food items that you pile on your grocery cart helps a lot.

It's all a matter of choice on whether you would like to pack on a few more pounds to be a la-J Lo, or if you would rather shed off the excess weight and strictly watch your diet. It's important to know about high calorie foods, no matter what your weight or your goals.

Being comfortable with your body and being happy with what you're eating is what's important.

Remember that being obsessed with counting the calories that you consume will only work if you know exactly how calories are being used up by your body. When you eat a big fat, juicy burger, for example, there is no need to burn off ALL those calories in one super-intense exercise session. Your body does need to retain some calories to serve as a fuel to the normal functions of the heart and the lungs, so some high calorie foods are essential.

So long, bellas!

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