9 High Calorie Foods to Avoid This Summer ...


9 High Calorie Foods to Avoid This Summer ...
9 High Calorie Foods to Avoid This Summer ...

This time of year all of us are either clamoring to fit into our bikinis or we're fighting hard to stay in our bikinis. Whatever we're doing there are some seriously high calorie foods that we should all avoid this summer, no matter how much they're calling us from the tables and grill tops at all the summer barbecues we go to!

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Potato Salad

Potato Salad Photo Credit: *Photo Jen*

Potato salad, a staple in the summer BBQ scene, weighing in at about 460 calories a serving, potato salad is a definite bulker. Either enjoy in serious moderation or avoid potato salad all together this year if you're watching your weight! Try roasted red skins instead!


Cheese Sauce

Cheese Sauce Photo Credit: thepinkpeppercorn

Cheese Sauce, not only a food that makes you constipated and bloaty but now it makes you gain weight? This bad boy is about 400 calories according to most recipes. That alone makes me want to keep my distance. Try sliced sharp cheddar cheese instead!


Ice Cream

Ice Cream Photo Credit: -Sunny- *away*

Another treat that has about 400 calories a serving, ice cream although cold and delicious in the summer heat will make you pack on the pounds. It's filled with sugars, dairy and calories. Enjoy a frozen fruit popsicle instead!


Potato Chips

Potato Chips Photo Credit: sergey galaiko

In this case not all potato ships are created equally. Avoid the classic potato chip, they carry about 150 calories a serving. Try a baked potato chip if you want them from a bag or, try a homemade potato chip and cut that calorie count in half!



Pie Photo Credit: cobalt123

Cherry pie while the American patriotic summer dessert, is making Americans a little bigger this summer with a calorie range of 300 to 700 per serving. Try eating a few cherries on their own, you'll be saving yourself a lot of calories!


Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Photo Credit: sevenworlds16

Fried Chicken, people have gotten famous by making their fried chicken available for public consumption, but the least amount of calories I found in any recipe was 625! Instead of fried chicken try a grilled piece of boneless, skinless chicken breast!


Ranch/ Veggie Dip

Ranch/ Veggie Dip Photo Credit: tiffanyharvey

Eating your veggies is good for you and all but if you dip them in a 200 calorie veggie dip, it may take away from that a little. Try eating your vegetables dry or dipping them in a light ranch sauce to keep those calories at bay!


Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs Photo Credit: justydrink

That's right, these little devils line up just about every picnic and BBQ table from Washington state to Michigan and yet, they're full of some unwanted calories, about 200 to be exact. If you're really partial to eggs try and hard boiled egg with no yolk instead!


Loaded Hamburgers

Loaded Hamburgers Photo Credit: mooshee85

That's right, put down that cheeseburger! That's about 550 calories before you even put all of the fixings on! Try a turkey burger instead, it's about half the calories and a lot more flavorful!

Well ladies, hopefully if you're counting calories this list told you which foods to skip and which ones to pick up! Are there any secret high calorie foods that you can think of to add to the list? Any low calorie alternatives? Let me know down below!

Top Photo Credit: mooshee85

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