8 Junk Foods to Not Eat Often ...


It is time to face the facts about some junk foods and think about your health. We all like candy, chips or certain fast foods joints, but you need to think about what is at stake. It is hard to stay away from some junk foods, because there tempting and taste SO good but they are awful for you. Here are 8 junk foods to not eat often…

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Potato Chips

Potato Chips Photo Credit: photomato

I am not going to name any brands, but potato chips in my book are labeled a junk food. They aren't good for you. You should pick something healthy if you would like to snack. There are tons of alternative healthy snacks, that have good fats and nutritional value.


Ice Cream

Ice Cream Yes, in my book, ice cream is a junk food. Sure, there may be some out there that are good for you, but overall, ice cream though a delicious dessert is full of stuff you do not need. It might be desirable to eat, but try to stick to fat-free or at least low in fat ice cream options.



Cakes Photo Credit: amberlynnlane

Oh yes, definitely, this is a junk food. This is something you should eat every once in awhile. You know, like on those special occasions like birthdays and weddings. Try to stick to the once or twice a month rule when it comes to cakes.


Fried Food

Fried Food Photo Credit: yusheng

Yes, I'm talking about fried chicken, fried sausage, fried pickles --- anything fried . It makes great comfort food but it's no good for you and you should not eat it all the time. I can't stand all of that grease and God alone knows what's happening to your arteries while you gorge on fried chicken ever so often.



Pretzels Photo Credit: desertculinary

Who here likes pretzels? Well, they are on my list of junk food. Why would they be good for you? Have you seen the back of the bag? Tons of caloriesand plenty of salt. Too much salt isn't a good thing. However, you do need some salt to make the body work.



Pizza Photo Credit: alida saxon

I don't really like pizza, but I have a craving for it from time to time. It's not really my cup of tea though. I just can't see how people can literally live off of pizza! Pizza has plenty of different toppings and has plenty of unwanted fats. Also, it has loads of carbohydrates.


Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts Sigh, I'm not really into sweets, but I know some people that do like pop tarts. I'm sorry though, because I had to include them on this list. They're no good. You might think that pop tarts are the perfect breakfast, but that's not true. Eat cereal or oatmeal instead.


Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky Photo Credit: kern.justin

This is one thing on this list that I actually like! Unfortunately, it is listed as a junk food. Eating it every once in awhile is okay though. Jerky is made from dehydrating meat and to do that, you need a dehydrator and salts. It packs tons of sodium and unwanted fats that make itjunk food.


Candy Bars

Candy Bars Photo Credit: christopherallman

For me, these are just EWW. I don't dig candy bars. Then again, if you like chocolate, you would probably be drawn to them. Candy bars are bad for your teeth and health. They have tons of sugar and unwanted ingredients.

Junk food is something you would recognize if you see it. Junk food is something that has little to no nutritional value. So, what is your favorite junk food? Everyone has their little secrets...

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This article reads like it was written by a 6 year old.

This should be titled, "What I think people should seldom eat". All your opinion.. Where's the evidence and elaboration?!

i agree with the first person...

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