7 Ways Your Partner Could Be Making You Fat ...


7 Ways Your Partner Could Be Making You Fat ...
7 Ways Your Partner Could Be Making You Fat ...

Have you ever noticed how women in relationships seem to pile on the pounds? In some cases, you might just think its because the woman stops making as much of an effort, or because they don’t have the time for an all out slim routine anymore, which might well be true. Scientists have discovered that just being in a relationship can increase your weight, though, which is pretty rubbish for me! Here are the biggest pitfalls, and how to avoid the weight gain...

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He Buys You Treats

He Buys You Treats Photo Credit: Rune T

You may well think you are on to the perfect man here, but the extra temptation and pressure to eat treats will mean extra calories, and eventually extra pounds. And while it is very cute, it’s not good for your waistline! Instead, ask him for different treats...tell him how much you are craving strawberries, pineapple or grapes, which are all sweet but not so calorie-laden.


You Enjoy Eating Together

You Enjoy Eating Together Photo Credit: bulldog1

If you find that your time together consists of big meals, popcorn at the cinema and coffee-and-cake trips, chances are you’ll both put on weight. Try to plan more active things to do together...bowling, ice skating, going for a walk...This way you’ll burn calories, rather than eat too many! My boyfriend and I did dance lessons last Summer...it was amazing!


You Eat Symmetrical

You Eat Symmetrical Photo Credit: Mrs Magic

If you are matching your meals to him, you’ll be taking in too many calories. Women need a fifth less then men, so while he might be staying trim, you’ll certainly start to notice the difference. I find using spoons the easiest way to measure...he has five, I have four, he has three, I have one and a half...


He Drives You

He Drives You Photo Credit: .kozak

Men like cars, and that can mean that you start to drive five minutes here, ten minutes there, where you would have walked before. Check that you aren’t using the car unnecessarily! If you are, suggest walking places together, which will give you both exercise while you spend time bonding. I love walking my dog with my partner!


He Compliments You

He Compliments You Photo Credit: {manda}

So you’ve probably noticed that you aren’t as slim or toned as you were when you met him, but he either won’t mention it, or will reassure you that you look amazing. Which is really cute, but risks demotivating you from exercising...without him meaning too. Suggest slimming down together, and stick to it...you’ll be much happier!


He Stops You Going to the Gym

He Stops You Going to the Gym Photo Credit: kestrel127

Wednesday night used to be gym night, but now its date night, or curry night, or cuddling-on-the-sofa night. Having a partner is a common way to stop going to the gym, but there was a reason that you went...if you still have your membership, try to fit it in when he is busy too, or go together. If not, consider rejoining, or taking up another form of exercise together.


He’s Controlling

He’s Controlling Photo Credit: seventytw0dpi

Shockingly, this is very common. He will have noticed that you have put on some weight, but will try to keep you that way, realizing that you are less likely to attract the interests of other men. Seem backwards? It is. Most of the time it’s to try and keep you to himself, but some men do genuinely find larger women attractive. Whichever it is, it isn’t good for you, so get rid.

Relationships are strange things...from the worry of never meeting anyone to the stress of the first date, and now to piling on the pounds during! Well, they are very worth it, so by staying on top of it you’ll minimise the weight gain and remain happy and confident. Have you got a tip for avoiding extra pounds? Please let me know!

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This is so very true. I was a size 0 when I met my man, and now I'm a size 9!!!!! All this extra weight is very shocking to me. I've had a baby, which is a big reason for the weight gain, but my now hubby loves to buy me treats and pepsi and insists he drive me everywhere so I don't walk and get "hit on" by other guys. He also works til 10 and likes to eat with me when he gets home. I know he does all this cause he loves me and I'm his "little princess" and I don't want to hurt his feelings and tell him I need to stop with all these unhealthy habbits.... but I guess since I'm starting to get cottage cheese thighs, it time to be healthy again!!!!!

I am lucky I go to gym on fitness on yoga swim and I have a small baby which needs so much energy that I will not gain weight even if I eat a lot :D

Luckily my boyfriend is more active than I am, so I'm trying to keep up with him on bike rides and at the gym. I love the extra push he gives me.

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