7 Things to Avoid if You Have Sensitive Teeth ...


7 Things to Avoid if You Have Sensitive Teeth ...
7 Things to Avoid if You Have Sensitive Teeth ...

I have sensitive teeth, and it used to be that almost every day, I was in pain after eating or drinking something. Sometimes, it was really obvious what the offending item was (ice cream!), but other times, I couldn't figure out what had caused my sensitive teeth to hurt. I consulted my dentist, and this is what she told me. Here are 7 things to avoid if you have sensitive teeth...

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Acidic Mouthwashes

Acidic Mouthwashes Photo Credit: Burrosito_Bandito

I used to use a mouthwash twice a day, every day, because I thought it would help prevent tooth decay, but my dentist told me that once a day is plenty! If you have sensitive teeth, using mouthwash too often can cause you pain... and if you don't have sensitive teeth, using too much mouthwash can actually make they that way! Ouch!


Acidic Foods

Acidic Foods Photo Credit: Rune T

Did you know that certain acidic foods, like citrus fruits and tomatoes, can hurt you if you have sensitive teeth? It's best to avoid them if you can, so keep that in mind when you order pizza for the third night in a row...


Peroxide-based Whitening Pastes

Peroxide-based Whitening Pastes Photo Credit: osvaldoeaf

We all want to have super-white teeth, but a lot of whitening products, like pastes, washes, and even whitening gels, can be harsh, especially if you have sensitive teeth. Ask your dentist to recommend a whitening agent or product designed to be gentle, and get pearly white teeth without the pain.


Receding Gums

If you suffer from gum disease or receding gums, you'll feel a lot of pain in your teeth, since your delicate, hyper-sensitive root area may be exposed! It's best to check in with your dentist once a year so she can help you treat or prevent receding gums before they cause you too much pain.


Lots of Dental Work All at Once

Lots of Dental Work All at Once Photo Credit: starush

If you're going to need more than an hour of dental work, try scheduling the work in two sessions, instead of trying to tough it all out in one sitting. Your teeth and gums are sensitive, and the stress of all of that work at once can make you sore for days...


Tooth Decay

If you have untreated tooth decay, chances are, your teeth will be very sensitive to just about everything — hot food, cold food, and any bite pressure at all. This is another great reason to see your dentist every year — so she can rid your teeth of any decay, and keep that pain away!


Hot or Cold Foods

Hot or Cold Foods Photo Credit: bananagranola (busy)

I know this one from first-hand experience. If you have sensitive teeth, you may want to avoid excessively hot or cold foods, like hot coffee or ice cream. Blowing on hot coffee or tea, or waiting for ice cream to melt a little (or mixing it with a little hot fudge!) can help...

Those are the things my dentist advised me to avoid because my teeth are sensitive, but I have to admit, once in a while, I'll still have pizza and then ice cream, pain or no! Do you have sensitive teeth? If so, what have you found that you need to avoid? Is it on my list? Please let me know!

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