7 Home Remedies for Toothache ...


7 Home Remedies for Toothache ...
7 Home Remedies for Toothache ...

Occasionally we have toothaches that would make even a grown man cry and knowing a fast remedy to help that pain would be great. Well, I'm going to show you some relief that can be found in your kitchen. Here are 7home remedies for toothache that work!

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Onions Photo Credit: Bahman Farzad

Yes, we know onions make you cry, but did you know that the natural juices relieve toothache as well? As much as I love onions in my dinner, they'd be my last choice over the other remedies that you're about to read about, but it will reduce the pain for a few hours. Cut a piece off and place it under the aching tooth or drain the juice into a bowl. Use a dropper to place it on the tooth that hurts.


Lime Juice…

Lime Juice… Photo Credit: libraryman

Lime juice contains a strong citrus acid that kills many germs. You can use it to clean or cleanse your body. If you crush the juice into a cup and place it in the dropper, you can use the juice as a pain reliever for your tooth. It will clean your tooth and get rid of all the unwanted germs that could cause infection. Although, you might want to avoid this if you have cold sores or even open wounds in your mouth. Mixing lime juice and baking soda can also helpwhiten teeth.


Garlic and Rock Salt

Garlic and Rock Salt Photo Credit: funadium

Garlic is not only great fortreating acnebut has always been a good remedy for relieving tooth pain and with a little bit of rock salt mixed, you can help get rid of the pain altogether. Crushing the garlic clove and adding rock salt, will make a perfect remedy. Works all the time for me!


Asafoetida and Lemon Juice

Asafoetida and Lemon Juice Photo Credit: rpunzelr ~ {Michelle}

Mixing asafoetida and lemon juice, can provide relief from a toothache. Heat them together in a microwave or stove top. Once you do this, you need to take a cotton swab and dip it into the mix. Add it to your hurting tooth and feel instant relief. It works for a few hours and helps ease the pain.



Whiskey Photo Credit: therockphotography

Alcohol loversrejoice! This one I don't use myself because I don't drink, but it's effective to clean the tooth and numb the mouth. You can swish it around and spit the drink out after use if you want. This helps reduce the pain and cleans it as well.


Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract Photo Credit: Rodelle Vanilla

Vanilla extract is not only great for makingfabulous desserts, it can also help get rid of pain instantly. You might think it's sweet and has some sort of sugar, but it's actually a bit plain-tasting. You can add it to your tooth with a dropper or drink a little and swish it around. This helps me mostly because it works quickly.


Clove Oil

Clove Oil Photo Credit: angelcream11233

Clove oil acts as an antiseptic that most dentists use on their patients. Clove oil also can reduce the spread of infection and help relieve pain. You should use this if you want to cut down on pain and decrease infection in the cavity. Works perfectly for me. Although, avoid drinking it because the taste is bitter and not enjoyable. By the way, clove is also great to keepbad breath at bay.

We hope these remedies can help you when you have tooth pain that just doesn't go away. These home remedies helped me when I needed fast relief. Have you tried these methods before?

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I am not sure about some of your suggestions, like vanilla or onion juice, but I did hear of people using garlic pulp,or alcohol to ease off a toothache pain. Best way to ease off toothache pain, is to prevent one from ever happening, by taking care of your teeth and visiting a dentist regularly.

The vanilla extract works, I just had a toothache and luckily I found this article. I got my vanilla extract and mix it with water and just gargled

Salt...use salt 2-+3 times a day...on ur tooth which is aching...it really works..rinse your mouth with salty water..

Thanks for sharing such valuable information not found anywhere eles. I need some advice about tooth decay and possible extraction. 1 week ago I noticed that a small part of my 1st bi cuspid tooth (upper) had chipped away. I went to see my dentist who took a couple of xrays. She told me that I had calcification of my root canal therefore I needed the tooth removed as root canal was not an option. I don?t have any pain at all therefore this seems a bit extreme. I really don?t want the tooth removed if it is not necessary and would really appreciate some advice.

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