7 Spa Treatments You Can do at Home ...


7 Spa Treatments You Can do at Home ...
7 Spa Treatments You Can do at Home ...

For the majority of women, getting a professional spa treatment may seem like heaven on earth. Whether you are a working woman, professional woman or stay at home mom, we all dream of the spa experience. A massage and a good soak can cause your worries to flee. Honestly, though, in today's poor economy, it's almost impossible to afford a spa appointment, much less add on a manicure. Why not treat yourself to a spa treatment at home? Here are 7 easy spa treatments for pampering yourself without leaving home.

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Paint Your Nails

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This may sound ridiculously simple, but a little color on those digits will put a smile on your face... and it's very, very easy to do this at home. Soak your nails, then apply your favorite varnish, top coat, and lotion... so relaxing!


Take a Bath

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Not just any bath, take a WONDERFUL bath. Light some candles, put your favorite salts or bubbly in the water, put on some soft, relaxing music and enjoy! Let the heat and the music waft your worries away. You might even want to try sipping a glass of wine or a cup of hot tea while you soak...


Play with Mud

Play with Mud Photo Credit: romanlily

There are all kinds of facial mud masks available at reasonable prices. A mud mask does wonders for inflamed pores, and acne. Not sure you like mud? Try another at-home mask, maybe one with avocado or berries.


Play with Sand

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Sand and salt scrubs are amazing for your skin; you can easily and inexpensively create your own from home. It is easy to find recipes for homemade scrubs that are organic and beneficial to your skin.


Steam Room

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Turn the shower into a steam room. Turn the shower on hot and bask in the hot steam. A seat in a stand-up shower is the best way to self pamper and enjoy the benefits of hot steam.


Foot Scrub

Foot Scrub Image source: inbetweenlaundry.blogspot.com

Foot scrubs whether pre-mixed or a homemade bring your feet to life and make you proud to wear skimpy sandals and shoes. Look for an at-home recipe with peppermint oil for an invigorating, refreshing foot scrub to pamper your feet.


Get Your Spouse Involved

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Get your spouse involved in your home spa experience. Sharing a massage or a soothing steam bath are wonderful ways to spend time together... and his strong hands will work wonders on your sore, tired shoulder and back.

We all need a break and we all need to feel pampered once in a while. There are days when simply you just need some special attention. Make time for pampering and assure yourself a radiant, happy glow. Do you take time to care for yourself like you should? Do you have any other ideas for spa treatments you can do at home? Please share them!

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oooo i love foot massage!

I like the sound of all of these, as long as someone else cleans my house after I'm done with the mud and sand!

Take a lavish bath is my weekly relaxing activity.

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