9 Ways to Relieve Menstrual Pain ...


9 Ways to Relieve Menstrual Pain ...
9 Ways to Relieve Menstrual Pain ...

Ways to relieve menstrual pain can be easy, time consuming, difficult, or therapeutic but whatever they are, we need them! The time of month that all women dread is the time of month that causes severe pain for over half of the women in the world. And I don't mean your average run-of-the-mill menstrual pain. I'm talking menstrual pain that is severe enough to keep you home from work. Yes, there are women who deal with that! Are you one of them? Then you need to read this article with ways to relieve menstrual pain.

Menstrual pain does not have to be something that controls your life. Instead, it can be something that you deal with and go on with your activities as normal. If you have to deal with severe menstrual pain, be assured that there are ways to relieve menstrual pain. Keep on reading this article if you would like to know 9 ways to relieve menstrual!

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Heat is one very effective method for relieving menstrual pain. There are many different ways to use heat on your lower abdomen! Try taking a hot shower. If that doesn't work, you can buy a heating pad that plugs into an outlet if you have a day to spend at home on the couch during your period. Or you can try disposable ones if you are stuck at work. They work much like the disposable ice packs. Just shake to activate, then stick under your clothes. They are quite discreet! If you find yourself stuck without a heating pad, toss a bag of rice into the microwave for a few minutes. Works like a charm!


Pain Killers

Pain killers are an obvious way to relieve menstrual pain. I like Advil the best, but some women find that aspirin, Tylenol, Midol or Ibuprofen works better for them. Take as directed on the bottle. Take the max amount for severe pain. Go ahead and pop them as soon as you feel the pain coming on. That way you can stop it in its tracks! You don't need to wait until the pain is so severe you can't stand anymore.


Natural Remedies

There are a few natural remedies that are very helpful for relieving menstrual pain, and even bloating or PMS! Among my favorite tried-and-true ones are Evening Primrose, German Chamomile Flower, St. John's Wort, Kava Kava Root, Milk Thistle Seed and Black Cohesh Root. Try a few of these herbs and see if they make a difference! Take them daily for the few days leading up to your period, and every day while you are on your period for the best results.


Laying in the Fetal Position

This may sound a little crazy, but laying in the fetal position is one way to relieve menstrual pain! Do you ever notice how a small baby will draw his legs up to his stomach when he has a tummy ache? That's because the body automatically knows that this position helps relax tummy muscles and relieve the pain a bit. This may not be effective on its own, but I guarantee you if you double it up with a heating pad, or Advil, or both, you will get great results!


Having Sex

All right, I can see the eyes rolling out there. This idea may be far fetched, but it's been proven that having sex while you are on your period helps to relieve menstrual pain. Having orgasms helps release some of the pressure and allows your uterus walls to relax! Try doing it in the shower for less mess. Keep some towels and wipes handy for cleanup. And obviously, this tip is for married ladies only as I would never want to encourage pre-marital sex-but there are other ways to achieve orgasm!


Taking Vitamins

Surprisingly, taking vitamins is one way to relieve menstrual pain! I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise since it makes sense that what you eat makes a difference! While on your period, take supplements of zinc, calcium, and vitamin B. These are the vitamins that have been associated with reducing cramps and bloating. Also, try incorporating more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables into your diet. Decrease your salt consumption and see if that makes a difference.



Kind of odd to think of it this way, but exercise is one method to relieve menstrual pain. Getting active helps your muscles to relax a little bit and releases feel good endorphins in your brain. Of course, you don't want to get out there pumping iron and jogging 10 miles on your heaviest day, but in the few days leading up to your period and as much as you are able during your period, you should work exercise or at least walking into your daily routine.



It's no secret that aromatherapy is calming, soothing, and exhilarating all at once. So it would make sense that breathing in these aromas while on your period is one way to relieve menstrual pain! Draw yourself a nice hot bath, light a few candles, and put some aromatherapy oils in your bath water. The direct contact of them onto your tummy, plus the fact that you are breathing them in combined with the heat of your bath water will have marvelous results!



One of my favorite techniques to relieve menstrual pain is by massage. Yes! Massaging your stomach helps relieve menstrual pain! You can do it yourself, or have your sweetheart help you out. Gentle strokes and circular motions with light pressure on your abdomen area will help relax your muscles and relieve some of the pain and tension you are experiencing.

You see? There are many ways to relieve menstrual pain! Periods don't mean your life has to stop. Just take some action to make sure it doesn't take over your life for a few days and you will be amazed at the results you get. Have you ever tried any of these methods and ways to relieve menstrual pain? Different women suffer in different ways and have many different ways to relieve menstrual pain, so I'd love to know yours!

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In regards to number two, it's better to take your medicine the day you EXPECT your period so you can head off the pain. Keep on taking it (at the right times) so it doesn't leave your system. ALSO. SLEEP. If it's possible, just sleep through the pain.

helped a lot. this bloody cramps (pun intended) are so annoying. thanks for the tips

Ok, I don`t usually leave comments or reviews on anything, but for this I ought to, because I feel it may help a lot of women. I am 22 and I had my period since 13-14. My whole life I was using pads and/or tampons just a year ago I decided to try menstrual cup, because somebody have suggested to me. I started trying it just because I have a heavy flow, and I thought it would be less hassle and it is way more environmentally friendly; hence, it is reusable. Long story short, after 2-3 periods with the cup, I couldn`t believe how much less cramps I had. First I thought, oh it`s just a coincidence; however, after few more periods using just menstrual cup, my cramps from being painful; let`s say 7 out of 10 dramatically decreased to 1.5 out of 10. It`s a life SAVER for me considering that someways when I wasn`t using cup and I had a period, I would get such a bad pain, that I would have stay in bed and cancel everything I have planned. Trust me, research it for yourself, I am not selling them nor do I get any commissions out of it for saying this.

I heard that eating bananas help with cramps.

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