7 Must Have Aromatherapy Oils ...


7 Must Have Aromatherapy Oils ...
7 Must Have Aromatherapy Oils ...

Aromatherapy Oils are something that every single woman should have in their house and not only because they smell good! Do you ladies know what your nose can do for you when breathing in the right scent? It can calm you down, make sure that your day feels less stressed, and if you have the right aromatherapy oils it can improve your mood! I know that aromatherapy oils have helped me a ton in the past with everything from anxiety to a headache and I know the list below will help you too!

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Okay, so wood scented things don't seem like the very best essential oil to help anything, but cedarwood aromatherapy oils have been known to have calming properties. Did you have a wicked bad day at work? Are you stressed about money? Is your kids/husband making you crazy? Just a whiff of cedarwood essential oils and all its woody goodness and I can promise that you'll feel better instantly!



Patchouli is something that has and always will remind me of my mother. She used to burn patchouli incense all of the time but little did I know that this incredible scent actually can help energize you. It can also help relieve anxiety and even assist with depression! All of that by inhaling an earthy scent – pretty amazing right?



Jasmine aromatherapy oils are something that has been in my life always. My mother used to burn the oil in a little dish to make her entire bathroom smell like jasmine. While I didn't understand the concept of having a sweet-smelling bathroom when I was a kid, I understand it now! Jasmine has been known to reduce tension and stress and can also help ease depression and even can help with that emotional time during your pregnancy (so for all of you pregnant ladies out there, take notes)! So burn a little oil or even place some on your skin and soak up the scent – it works!



Lemon aromatherapy oils might surprise you but they are honestly a widely accepted and appreciated scent because of how clean and crisp they smell. That's not all this magical little scent can do for you, it can also help energize you and can enhance your mood! Are you having a bad day? Take a whiff of this oil and instantly, you'll feel ten times better!



If you ladies are anything like me, you sometimes have a real problem getting and staying asleep. That can really hurt you the next day because you are wiped out and feel so tired! Well, chamomile as you probably already know has properties inside of it that can help you fall sleep and stay asleep easier. Did you know that just a whiff of this relaxing little flower can actually release the tension you might be holding as well? All the stress you might feel in your muscles can be washed away by breathing in this awesome scent! Try it, it works!!



Rose is a smell that my grandmother always loved. She used to grow roses in her gardens and to this day, my mom still has a rose plant of hers. Rose essential oils are a little different than the plants but they do have a ton of useful properties inside of them. Rose oil can actually help you with everything from asthma symptoms to digestion issues – and all you have to do is breathe it in!



Finally we come to my favorite scent! The reasoning behind why this is my favorite is because on more than one occasion peppermint has saved my head from exploding. Not only does peppermint smell really sweet and spicy at the same time but it actually helps with headaches! If you have had a blinding headache for days and are looking for relief, this is definitely the aromatherapy oil for you!

Aromatherapy oils help in tons of different ways; these are just 7 of the ones that I use all of the time. What are some of the aromatherapy oils that you ladies use; do they differ from the ones listed here? I am always on the look out for brand new scents that can help calm me down or keep me sane!

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what about teatree oil

NEVER apply essential oils directly to your skin, always use a carrier oil. That's just one of the things a lot of people don't know about essential oils. If you're interested in aromatherapy, have a look online or borrow (or even buy) a book. Just like you wouldn't shove pills down your throat without reading instructions, you should always know how remedies work.

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