10 Incense Scents I Love ...


10 Incense Scents I Love ...
10 Incense Scents I Love ...

Ever since I was a little kid, my mom always had incense around me; whether it was the sweet smell of cherry or a little splash of vanilla, my mom was constantly changing up the scents. Now, with all of the new scents available, there are tons more incense scents that I love and that I want to share with you all! One thing to remember is that it makes a difference what smells you start to burn, they all have different meanings and they all smell completely different. That, ladies, is why I am going to give you the low down on some of the incense scents I love and I will explore what the smells can do for you too!

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Vanilla is not only a neutral scent that everyone loves, but in incense form it's actually really relaxing too! This is one of the top incense scents I love, but did you know that vanilla can actually stimulate your amorous appetite and make you feel more capable of showing love to your partner? It also will help enhance your memory – no wonder I can always remember things a lot better whenever I light up one of my vanilla incense sticks!


Passion Flower

Passion flower always makes me think of spring time, when the flowery smell is thick and everything seems greener and full of life. This is typically my bathtub incense because whenever I light one up, I can just lay back and relax and imagine I am in a field of wildflowers (because that sounds fun right? At least it would smell good)! I never knew that the reason I instantly relax around the passion flower scent is because it was actually was designed for peace of mind and to soothe out all of those troubles that you're probably dwelling on. The sweet smell is also awesome to sleep with because the more you smell it, the more relaxed you'll feel!



When I think of coconuts, I typically think of suntan lotion and really bad fake tans (like Jersey Shore tans), but those thoughts lead me on the path of coconut incense. Once I took my first whiff, all of those bad memories faded away and dreams of tropical islands came into the picture. Coconut incense is definitely one of the top incense scents that I love because not only does it smell like a beach, but the scent of coconut means protection and purification. Both of those are super comforting – and it all comes from burning a scent that smells awesome!



Roses have actually been my mother's favorite flower for a while now and my grandmother knew how to grow them extremely well, so they have always been a big flower in my house. However, the incense version of the rose scent is all that much better! The rose scent itself stands for calm energies at home, so if you are constantly feeling like there is a tension at your home, why not try burning some rose incense to break it up? In my house, it makes all of the difference and it smells awesome!



In my mom's house, this is a staple incense stick. It is her absolute favorite and while I love the scent, this one is more dedicated to my mom's love for the smell as I have other incense scents that I love. Jasmine is actually good for luck, especially when it comes to love. Are you looking for the perfect guy? Just burn a little jasmine incense and who knows what will happen in your love life!



I love, love, love the smell of anything citrus! It not only brightens my day, but it makes the entire house smell clean and fresh. One thing I learned when I was hunting for new citrus scents in the way of incense is that lemon smells horrible. It smells a little musty, old and stale; which in turn brought me to the tangerine scent. This smells like something fresh and new and you know what? The tangerine scent has been known to attract prosperity!



This is one incense scent that I burn around holidays because something about cinnamon scents make me think of Halloween and when the weather changes from warm to cold. It's a great scent for curling up next to someone and watching a good movie. You can even to fall asleep smelling it because the scent alone has a sleeping aid in it. Know what else cinnamon scents can do? Bring you wealth and success. We could all use a little of that right?



You've probably heard about lavender and how it supposed to calm you down after a really stressful day. When I've had one of those days that I want to just pull all of my hair out, I draw myself a bath, light up a lavender incense stick and a few candles and lean back with a good book. Lavender is actually one of the few herbs out there that has been known to refresh your senses and awaken you.



Cherry is one of those scents that sometimes can be really overpowering, but in the incense form it's actually pretty refreshing. All you have to do is light up one stick of this incense and your entire room will smell like a cherry tree is growing right outside of your window. Did you know that cherry is also known to attract and stimulate love? Just one stick and I promise you'll feel less stressed and more filled with love!



Okay, you guys can probably tell, I'm definitely more into the fruity scents than floral or herbs; strawberry is no exception! This little berry has a huge smell in the incense form and it actually was designed for love, luck and friendship. Next time you are having a girls weekend, remember to grab a handful of strawberry incenses and not only will your room smell fruity and sweet but your friendship bonds will feel stronger, I promise!

So that is my top list of incense scents that I love. Incense has always been a huge part of my life. Whether my mom is lighting them up or I am just trying to find a way to relax or a scent that fits my mood, incense are great. I promise that these are not the only incense scents that I adore, there are tons more out there, these are just my top ones. So what are some of the incense scents that you love; are there some that I have missed that you think should be on the list?

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