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10 Great Perfumes ...

By Jelena

Are you ready to battle the upcoming cold days wearing a perfume that’s going to make everybody’s heart melt? I bet you are! Picking a perfume is a pleasure and torture at the same time because having all those fragrances before your eyes makes you really want to smell them all, but you know you nose can’t handle more than three. That’s why I decided to share my top 10 list hoping it will make the process easier.

Table of contents:

  1. miss pucci by emilio pucci
  2. lady million by paco rabanne
  3. emporio armani diamonds
  4. sensuous by estee lauder
  5. miss dior cherie by dior
  6. happy by clinique
  7. guilty by gucci
  8. essence by gianfranco ferre
  9. acqua di gioia by armani
  10. daisy sold perfume ring by marc jacobs

1 Miss Pucci by Emilio Pucci

Price: $53.00-$89.00 at
This fragrance is just one of those new, must-have items that are sold out faster than fresh Danish in lunch break hours. Honestly, I'm very surprised how trendy and original this combination of fresh and musky notes really is!

2 Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

Price: $48.00-$88.00 at
Looking like million dollars does take a lot of effort and a great sense of style but smelling like million dollars has never been easier! I absolutely love the male fragrance and I’m thinking “If my man can spray himself with a gold bar, well, so can I!”

3 Emporio Armani Diamonds

Price: $39.50-$69.50 at
What can I say– Diamonds are girl’s best friend! A diamond never goes out of style, it’s shiny, elegant, perfect and so precious. It looks fragile but, try to break it and you will see how nearly impossible that is. Those are the main characteristics of this perfume and the woman that is wearing it.

4 Sensuous by Estee Lauder

Price: $29.50-$78.00 at
Can you guess the perfume I’m using right now? Yup, it’s this one and it’s absolutely fabulous! Now, I’m not going to list all the scents, under notes and blah, blah, blah because I really don’t see a point of that – how would I have any idea what Japanese-wild-something-something-lily smells like? I’m just going to say it’s perfect for those days when it’s cold outside because you will get everybody’s blood pumping faster.

5 Miss Dior Cherie by Dior

Price: $44.00-$95.00 at
Mon Cherie, c’est un parfum magnifique! Luxury is Dior’s middle name or, if it’s not, it should be! John Galliano is the genius responsible for this masterpiece so a humble mortal like me wouldn’t even dare describing it with plain words. You will just have to smell it.

6 Happy by Clinique

Price: $22.00-$52.50 at
The name says it all! This perfume is fresh, dynamic, modern and fun. It’s perfect for those days when you feel like you could just hug the entire world. Red Grapefruit scent will keep you energized and give your mood a boost helping you to feel happy and spread happiness anywhere you go.

7 Guilty by Gucci

Price: $55.00-$95.00 at
This powerful, feminine and rich-smelling perfume will make all the girls around you feel jealous, but what you definitely shouldn’t do is allow yourself to feel guilty about it!

8 Essence by Gianfranco Ferre

Price: $70.00-$95.00 at
This is one of the best perfumes I ever had and one of my biggest disappointments was realizing that it’s not available in Europe anymore. The perfume itself is the most seductive thing I ever had the chance to smell in my life – sweet, lasting passion bottled up and just a spray away. No wonder they had to limit the series, it drove me completely crazy, I can only imagine what it did to men!

9 Acqua Di Gioia by Armani

Price: $ 39.50-$80.00 at
If you prefer fresh, romantic, feather-light fragrances, the house of Armani has exactly what you need. Every woman should have a perfume like this one because this scent is the closest thing you’ll ever get to describing that special feeling of being loved, being in love with somebody, feeling vulnerable like a little fairy and so light and magical in the same time. Absolutely lady-like!

10 Daisy Sold Perfume Ring by Marc Jacobs

Price: $40.00 at
True perfume lovers and fashion freaks will love this stylish thingy! It’s a solid perfume you can take with you anywhere without worrying that one of the 28874635 items you currently have in your bag might break it and cause irreparable damage to the bag and everything in it. Plus you get a fabulous ring you can wear even when the perfume contained in it is long gone.

What do you think about my selection gals? I know some of you probably wouldn’t like my choices, but then, I’m hoping some will. Do you have some of your favorites that you are willing to share?

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