Top 7 Classic Perfumes ...

Sometimes when you walk into a room and you catch a whiff of someone brushing past you, you just know that what they're wearing is going to become an instant addition to your perfume collection. Sometimes, you get spritzed walking past a woman with a bottle inside of Macy's and you actually like what you smell like for the rest of the day. This is the list of the classic perfumes that you probably already know and love and if you don't... but you will soon!

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy

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Daisy is... vintage and innocent... those are really the only words I can use to describe it! It was actually a friend of mine that introduced me to the scent and at first I was unimpressed. On paper, Daisy is just like any other perfume. But when you give yourself a little spray and actually smell it on yourself.... it's like falling in love. You smell fresh and floral but not over powering. This is a must have.

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