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Top 7 Summery Scents ...

By Fawn

With the Earth tilting on it’s axis towards the Sun, we get warmer weather, skimpier outfits, less coverage for your legs and if you’re anything like me, a newsignature scent to float through the summer air after you. You don’t want anything too heavy or dark. You want light, fresh. Summer is all about airy and sunny and these scents are perfect for that!

Table of contents:

  1. marc jacobs daisy
  2. nina ricci nina
  3. guerlain aqua allegoria herba fresca
  4. emilio pucci acqua 330
  5. dkny be delicious
  6. lolita lempicka forbidden flower
  7. michael kors very hollywood

1 Marc Jacobs Daisy

Price: $20 at
Daisy by Marc Jacobs is THE scent that you need this summer. It was my best friend's sister that turned me onto it and now I really can’t get enough! It’s got a light airy scent that’s floral but hints at much more with a little bit of strawberry and vanilla thrown into the mix. Just spritz a little on and you’ll be golden this summer!

2 Nina Ricci Nina

Price: $20 at
Light, delicate and feminine, these are the perfect words to describe this scent by Nina Ricci. One spritz and I was in love. It’s got a lovely lemon limey smell mixed in with a floral scent at the forefront. It’s unique, it’s perfect and it’s a sexy fragrance that will last all day!

3 Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca

Price: $58 at
This is not a floral scent, this is more of a spearminty barefoot stroll with a splash of lemon. This is perfect for summer mornings that are just a little dewy and damp. It’s also perfect for the woman that wants a scent that not a lot of other people are rocking at the moment. It’s amazing and unique and something that a lot of you ladies are going to love.

4 Emilio Pucci Acqua 330

Price: $23 at
A marina, waves caressing the wood of the dock while you sip lemonade, that is what this scent smells like. It’s fresh, young and just a little bit sexy and really, what more could you ask for this summer?

5 DKNY Be Delicious

Price: $40 at
Be Delicious is right, this scent makes me want to put on a summer dress, eat an apple and enjoy the sunshine on my face. It’s very girly and fruity with just a hint of flora underneath all that sticky fruity. A perfect blend of fruit and flowers for the Summer time with just a hint of sexy thrown into this very girly scent. Remember, a little goes a long way with this one so don’t overdo it!

6 Lolita Lempicka Forbidden Flower

Price: $44 at
This is perfect for a summer night, it drags you in and holds you and trust me, it’s very sensuous. It’s got an organic scent but it smells a little like the one that got away. So spray some of this classic perfume and be that fleeting memory of the perfect woman!

7 Michael Kors Very Hollywood

Price: $40 at
This perfume can be broken down into three very simple scents that blend like a dream. It’s very floral and sultry, like every silver screen goddess should be. This scent is like a daydream onto a red carpet and I love it!

Well ladies, these are my 7 summer must-have scents, but what are yours? What do you think about mine? Do any of you wonderful readers wear any of them? Either way, let me know down below!

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