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7 Scents for Spring ...

By Sophia

Spring is the perfect time to unveil a new scent. Moving away from the moodier fragrances of winter, spring scents are fresh, fun and floral. A lighter fragrance is what you should ideally be looking out for. Below are my choice picks for the season.

1 Chloé ‘Love, Chloe’ Eau De Toilette

Chloé ‘Love, Chloe’ Eau De ToilettePrice: $85.00 at
I absolutely adore Chloé perfumes. This latest one is no exception. The scent contains a combination of sophisticated floral notes such as orange blossom, pink pepper, and wisteria. Not only does it smell wonderful, it comes in an extra stylish bottle. You can’t get any better than that!

2 Chanel ‘Chance Eau De Tendre’ Eau De Toilette

Chanel ‘Chance Eau De Tendre’ Eau De ToilettePrice: $65.00 at
This is quite a romantic scent and perfect for spring time. This fruity scent contains notes of grapefruit, quince, and jasmine. It would make a great every day perfume. It’s perfect for the young and young and heart.

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3 Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy Eau so Fresh’ Eau De Toilette

Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy Eau so Fresh’ Eau De ToilettePrice: $70.00 at
This is the latest addition to the Daisy dynasty of perfumes. It’s described as being a whimsical interpretation of the original Daisy fragrance. I am huge fan of the original perfume and am surprisingly pleased by the fruitier scent of this new one. It definitely is ‘eau so fresh’.

4 Annick Goutal ‘PetiteChérie’ Solid Perfume Compact

Annick Goutal ‘PetiteChérie’ Solid Perfume CompactPrice: $52.00 at
A solid perfume is a handy addition to any perfume collection. They are great for carrying in your purse and travelling. This perfume is delightfully fruity and floral. It also comes in a gorgeous limited edition compact, complete with an Annick Goutal carrying case.

5 Yves Saint Laurent ‘Parisienne’ Eau De Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Parisienne’ Eau De ParfumPrice: $65.00 at
This is quite a feminine fragrance. Notes of blackberry, damask rose, and sandalwood make for quite a sensual scent. It’s dominantly floral, but with woody undertones. Wear this in the evening and really let your star shine.

6 Fresh ‘Brown Sugar’ Eau De Parfum

Fresh ‘Brown Sugar’ Eau De ParfumPrice: $32.00 at
The scent is definitely fresh. The citrus notes are complemented by notes such as açaí berry and warm amber. The packaging is sleek and fresh, and would make a great addition to any dressing table. This scent is definitely a treat, and a sugary sweet one at that!

7 DKNY ‘Be Delicious Juiced’ Eau De Toilette

DKNY ‘Be Delicious Juiced’ Eau De ToilettePrice: $36.00 at
This is such a refreshing scent. One of the newest additions to the Be Delicious range; Juiced is made up of floral notes such as muguet flowers, white peonies, and violet petals. It comes is a stylish spherical bottle which is reminiscent of a juicy apple. This scent will definitely have you salivating.

Have you tried any of these scents? Which ones will you try out this spring?

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