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By Sheila

One of the best things about the Internet is online shopping and one of my favorite things to buy online is perfume! Sometimes I still can't get over how convenient it is to simply choose, add to shopping cart and check out. The only downside (besides the fact that it is addictive as hell!) is with the plethora of stores offering great deals on perfumes, how do you pick the best deal? It's simple really. You visit and let them work their magic for you. is US' largest perfume & fragrance price comparison website that gives you the rare chance to compare perfume prices from all major perfume retailers so you don't have to tear your hair out alternating between browser windows, trying to figure out the best deal. You simply hit a search for the perfume you're looking for and let come up with a list of different stores where it is available along with the prices, very conveniently arranged from lowest to highest. Pick the best deal from the list and voila! No more overpriced perfume! Another great thing about is every time you hit a search, you also get a list of websites that offer discount coupons. Extra savings? Yes, please! Lastly, I guarantee that you will find any perfume you want here on

I can't stress how important it is to compare prices before buying anything online, let alone perfumes, especially considering how many stores mark up their prices and how naive most of us are. I have hit a search for some of my favorite perfumes on and compared their prices to websites that I usually buy from without a second thought (mostly because I'm lazy) and I was aghast at the price difference! Needless to say, I will only be sticking to from now on for all my perfume needs. And so should you!

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