The 7 Sexiest Fragrances, as Voted for by Men!

After yet another night arguing about favourite perfumes, me and my friends decided to put our theories to the test, and find out which perfumes men do like best. So armed with our men and 43 of their friends, we raided the perfume counters to see which ones were rated, and which were slated...

1. Christina Aguilera by Night

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Price: Β£12 at
70% of the men loved this... whether it's the sexy smell of May blossom or the fruity undertones (it even contains pineapple!) this is a delicious scent, and my favourite! It’s a very classic fragrance, and one I haven’t been able to stop buying... it doesn’t appear to be available in the US yet, but sources say it is launching very soon. In the meantime, you can order from The Perfume Shop above, or eBay... it’s worth it!

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