Review of Chanel's Gardenia Perfume ...


Review of Chanel's Gardenia Perfume ...
Review of Chanel's Gardenia Perfume ...

Men aren’t the best at gift-giving. One year, for my birthday and Mother’s Day (they’re sometimes on the same day), I received a carpet cleaner (!!!) from my husband, so I started a new rule — I don’t want gifts that have anything to do with housework or that needs to be plugged in. That year for our anniversary, he gave me a much better gift, one that I still love, ten years later — Chanel’s Gardenia perfume.

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I’ve always loved Chanel’s scents, but this one is spectacular. It’s sweet, feminine, pretty, with no musky or dark tones. There’s no bitterness to it either, and you can actually pick up a little of its name-inspiring gardenia. It used to be difficult to find, since originally Chanel was only going to make it for the spring of 2000, but now perfume outlets carry it, and you can even purchase it online. The bottle is simple and elegant, with a plain white label. Gardenia is ideal for spring and summer, but I sometimes wear it in the winter when I need a little pick-me-up. One bit of advice — when you spritz it on, you really only need a little, because it is Chanel… so a little bit goes a very long way!

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I must smell it :)

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