7 Aphrodisiacs for Women ...

Sometimes, the spark goes out of a relationship. That doesn’t mean it’s over, you just have to find ways to make that spark smolder again. For women, there are a surprising number of completely natural -- and thus completely safe -- aphrodisiacs that can help heat things up and keep them hot. Here are just a few of the most potent aphrodisiacs for women!

1. Chocolate

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Photo Credit: David G-H

Ah yes, ladies, believe it or not, chocolate is quite a powerful aphrodisiac -- so excuse me while I have another Lindt. Seriously, though, even the Aztecs used chocolate. It aids in releasing serotonin, which increases your feelings of pleasure. Who could ask for more? Better still, the more cocoa you have, the more powerful it is. As far as that goes, don’t be afraid to use chocolate in the bedroom.

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