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I love trying new perfumes and scents, but I’m very, very picky. I prefer light scents, nothing overpowering, and I like scents that are happy, not musky or too sexed up. But I don’t like anything too floral, or too sweet. For years, the only perfume I would wear is Chanel Gardenia, but when I received a tiny sample of Philosophy Unconditional Love, I gave it a go. And now I’m in love.

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The Philosophy website says that Unconditional Love is “a fresh, soulful, passionate fragrance,” and that actually describes it perfectly. It’s light, warm, fresh, fun, and happy, like warm sunshine on a breezy summer day. It has sweet vanilla undertones, and it’s absolutely lovely without being overpowering or cloying. It’s light enough to wear in the spring and summer, but so pretty you’ll want to wear it all year round. And why not? Doesn’t every woman want to feel surrounded in the glow of unconditional love? One caution: a little spray does go a very long way, so don’t overdo it. Perfume is meant to be subtle, to make a handsome man want to get closer to you to catch the scent again… not to make his eyes water and his throat close up when you walk by…

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