7 Perfumes for the Girly Girl ...

When you look in a girl's room, you are destined to find some bottles of perfume sitting around. You see, us girls love having perfume for every occasion. We have perfume for everyday use, then we have those more expensive bottles of perfume that we wear for those special occasions, such as date night, clubbing and special meetings. If you are a girly girl, then I know you are like me! You love delicate smells. Below, I am going to give you the top 7 perfume for the girly girl…

7. Mangosteen Eau De Parfum

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Price: $75.00 at neimanmarcus.com
For those special events, I like wearing this. If you love those energizing scents, then you will love this. Just a sniff of it and you can smell the juicy fruit in it! It is partnered with sheer flowers, citrus notes, warm woods and velvety peach. Mmm…it truly is addicting!

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