8 Sexy Summer Perfumes You'll Love ..


8 Sexy Summer Perfumes You'll Love

One of my favourite bits of Summer? The gorgeous new perfumes. Gone are the fragrances of Winter, and in come smells that will make you feel sparkly and Summery... what more could you want? I’ve been searching through the perfumes to see how old favourites compare to new releases, and find the top 8 perfumes you won’t be able to resist...

1. My Queen – Alexander McQueen

My Queen – Alexander McQueen

Price: $59 at asos.com

I love this fragrance! It starts with a woody base, with gentle tones of musk, amber and sandalwood, and a top layer of grapefruit and redcurrant... imagine walking through a forest, with juicy fruits growing everywhere, and cute animals playing... this is one of the fragrances of Summer, and is a definite mood booster!

Dawn – Sarah Jessica Parker