7 Smells That Make My Insides Flip ...


7 Smells That Make My Insides Flip ...
7 Smells That Make My Insides Flip ...

If you think I’m going to write about onions and dirty socks, you’re in for a big surprise. Common bad smelling things don’t even bother me so much because, hey, they are supposed to smell that way. After all, you’re not supposed to smell or even worst, eat, the dirty sock. Lol! This post is actually about those normal smells most people like so, if you ever found yourself disturbed by the way certain type of food smells, I feel you! Here are some smells my nose detects as “stinks”, causing my insides to act accordingly:

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Warm Milk

I’m not lactose intolerant, in fact, I love all dairy products… except the milk itself! Warming up milk is a nightmare for me and I actually have to keep my nose closed while doing that. But, I’m afraid that’s not the only weird thing about it! You see, since milk generally smells bad to me and I can’t even drink it or tell if it’s gone bad by simply smelling it – not even when it’s cold.



Some people love the smell of a gas station, some don’t and I definitely fall under this latter category. Stopping to “juice up” is one of those moments when I try not to breathe too much, as opposed to my sister, for example, who wishes she had the power to conjure a second nose in this occasion, to help her pick up as much of that “wonderful” scent possible.


Gianfranco Ferre Lei

I think the correct translation would be “Her”, at least that’s what’s written on the other side of the box. My sister loves and uses this perfume and, in case you have troubles remembering which one is it, it’s the bluish – purplish one with a little plastic mechanism on the top. Anyways, this is, by far, one of the worst perfumes I’ve ever had the misfortune to smell so, if my dear sister comes in any contact with me while she’s wearing it, I’ll develop a terrible migraine within the next few minutes.


Car Refreshers of Any Kind

Lime, pine trees… they all make me wish I’d remembered to leave my nose at home! I am able to suck it up and do my best no to “breathe too much” but, if I’m stuck in a “perfumed” car and the travel turns out to be longer than 15 minutes, I’ll start changing colors faster than the traffic light. The headache comes first, then I start feeling drowsy and, if the travel is really long, I’ll probably ask the driver to stop somewhere so I could throw up.


Omelet/Scrambled Eggs

If the omelet is with cheese, ham, vegetables or anything else people usually combine with their scrambled eggs, the smell won’t bother me in fact, I’ll probably ask if I could take a bit of it too. However, if it’s just eggs, I better be nowhere near the kitchen! This smell of eggs being fried is enough to get me to lose my appetite – don’t ask me why because I haven’t got a clue!


Carbonara Sauce Mixture

One of the tastiest and, in my opinion, worst smelling spaghetti sauce ever! The mixture contains cheese and all the other spices and all you have to do is add water and milk, bring it to boil and stir a couple of minutes. Now, since you already know how I feel about warm milk and dairy products, you can only imagine how it feels to cook something that releases hot vapors of that gut twisting smell right in my face. Yuck! But, the taste is definitely worth it!


Fresh Coconut

I love coconut flavor and all sweets containing this fruit, vegetable, nut or whatever it is. I like it so much that I just had to try the raw, unprocessed version too. Now, that was a huge disappointment and all I have to say it that I’m glad not many people are using fresh coconuts these days. It literally tastes like moist wood soaked in dish-washing detergent and the milk itself smells nice and “coconuty” at first but as it gets exposed to air it starts getting that “chemical” scent to match the described taste. Yuck! This experiment ended up stinking up everything in my fridge causing me to lose my appetite every time I opened it.

Pretty weird, I know! Have you ever been in some of these situations and which smells caused t

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I dont like strawberry flavour.

Yes, gas stations smell horrible and no matter what kind of "new car smell" it is it smells like rotten cherries.

I hate "new car smell" and the smell of bacon cooking makes me want to throw up!

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