7 Deodorants I Love ...

By Lyndsie

Finding a good deodorant can be surprisingly difficult. Every woman is different, so there's no way to say with absolute certainty, “Oh hey, this deodorant will totally work for you.” It might now. All the same, here are 7 deodorants I personally love, some of them highly affordable and some of them not so much, but you might find something you want to try!

1 Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant Price: $7.59 at target.com
Strong enough for a man; pH balanced for a woman. That's the tag line for a reason, you know. This is one of my three main go-to deodorants, the kind that will work every day no matter what. It's one of my favorites, especially during times when I feel like I am sweating more. You know how that goes; sometimes clinical strength deodorants are the only ones that make me feel fresh.

2 Degree Clean Deodorant

Degree Clean Deodorant Price: $2.34 at target.com
I've used Degree for years, and I just keep going back to it. When I don't like the smell of anything else I am trying, I know this will work. It's another of my go-to choices, and it rarely lets me down. I prefer the calmer scents though.

3 Lady Speed Stick Fresh Fusion

Lady Speed Stick Fresh Fusion Price: $2.47 at amazon.com
Speaking of scents, I am not always a fan of heavily scented deodorants. I don't like to raise my arm and be assaulted with a smell. That being said, I love this Lady Speed Stick scent. It really is fresh and lovely, so I don't feel like I am dousing myself down with pit perfume. This one is a favorite of mine in the summer months, when the temperatures crest so high that it's hard to feel fresh and clean.

4 Dove Sensitive Skin Deodorant

Dove Sensitive Skin Deodorant Price: $3.64 at target.com
I'll be totally honest here. I like this deodorant after I shave. I mean, directly after I shave, especially if I just used a brand new razor. You know that awful, raw feeling you get, and the way so many deodorants will sting? This one really doesn't do that, and it doesn't leave you itchy, either. It's awesome!

5 Cool Water Deodorant

Cool Water Deodorant Price: $25.23 at amazon.com
Cool Water is one of the few perfumes I like, and my love of the scent extends to the deodorant as well. This is pretty expensive for a deodorant though, I'll grant you. But I got it as a gift, so I am definitely not complaining. This is like my “night out” deodorant – but only if I'm wearing the corresponding perfume!

6 ADIDAS Pure Lightness Deodorant

ADIDAS Pure Lightness Deodorant Price: $12.95 at amazon.com
I honestly don't know why I like this, but I do. I find the light scent extremely refreshing. I like this when I know I'm going to be sweating from exertion. It keeps the underarm area cool and nicely smelling, plus I am not left dripping stinky sweat.

7 Nivea Pore Minimizing Deodorant

Nivea Pore Minimizing Deodorant Price: $15.99 at amazon.com
Another expensive choice, I gave this one a try on a whim. And, you know, I have to say that it works. Maybe not nearly as well as it claims to, but hey, what does? It smells really nice, it makes me feel really fresh, and that's about all I ask for.

I'm entirely too picky about the deodorants I will wear. I prefer gel to sticks because of all that ensuing white goo. What about you? What deodorants do you turn to when you sweat the most?

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