7 Perfumes You Should Definitely Avoid ...

Women love perfumes. I know I do... I’ve got hundreds, and I’m always trying out new ones, too. I’ve got more perfume then I’ll ever use, but I still love finding new ones! Just recently, I’ve found some... less than sweet ones, though. I mean, would you want to wear any of these?!

1. Demeter Beetroot Fragrance

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Price: $10 at demeterfragrance.com
Okay... beetroot? My grandma loves Demeter, so I thought I’d order some new products to give her as a present, but I just don’t understand this. The website claims, “On the skin, it gives the wearer a sense of the dirt it just came from, and the beautiful rouge-sweet juice.” Umm, okay then. I think I’ll stick to sweet floral scents...

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