DiorShow Blackout Mascara - Expert Review ...

By Lesley โ€ข โ€ข

DiorShow Blackout Mascara - Expert Review ...

DiorShow Blackout mascara lays claim to recreating the dramatic kohl effect. Its formula is said to combine carefully chosen elements to promote intensity and resistance. But let's what those promises translate to in real life.

**Type of Mascara: **Defining & Lengthening
** Colors Available:** Kohl Black
** Price Range:** Expensive
Product Description:
Dior reinvents mascara by incorporating make up artistsโ€™ techniques in one ingenious product. Courtesy of Black Fix Complex โ€“ a unique blend of deeply saturated pigments โ€“ this creamy formula is the first to reproduce the instensity of kohl. Thickening powder adds staying power, while an Arabian gum extract provides a perfect charcoal-like finish and adds to its incredible resistance.
My Experience:
If you like really dark, smoky eyes - this is the best mascara! This mascara dramatically transformed my lashes, not just the colour but it increased volume and thickness. The extra-large brush completely enrobed my lashes with a thick veil of black velvet in one slick sweep. However, it did take practice to get a really perfect application, as the brush is a little over-sized. Overall my lashes looked sensational but itโ€™s a shame about the brush, if it was smaller it would be easier to apply.

Rating: Good

Price: $24 at sephora.com

How would you compare this mascara to DiorShow mascara? Did you find the brush awkward too?
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What a great review! This is one of my favourites! I hate blowing that much money on mascara, but it is so worth it!!

I love the brush, it gives great length and curves my lashes, it gives good volume without making the lashes look like spider legs. But the texture of the Mascara is too wet, i have very dry skin and it smudges like every day after some time of wearing it. I like to combine the Brush of the Diorshow Black Out with the Mascara of the regular Diorshow, this makes it perfect!

Glad you agree with us, Lola! :D

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