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Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats - Expert Review ...

By Lesley

Guerlain’s Blush 4 Eclats allows you to achieve the perfect colour effect. The brush distributes different tones on different areas to add depth and structure the contours of the face.
Product Description:
Guerlain invents a unique way to emphasis the cheekbones. With one stroke of the brush you can experiment with different light effects and colours using this mini-palette. This radiant blusher visually lifts the cheekbones and defines the face with different shade combinations. The unique powdery texture is fine and light. It softly caresses the cheeks leaving a veil of silky colour.
My Experience:
In my opinion, this product is extremely overpriced. Lots of other brands’ blush work on the basis of more than one shade on the palette. The brush is not magical! I can achieve the same results with other, cheaper brands with little effort. The powder itself is really silky and ultra-light but that still doesn’t justify the extortionate price! Of course I would use this blush if it was a present, but I wouldn’t buy it myself!

Overall Rating: OK

Best Price: $48 at

I don’t think this blush is any different from other brands. Do you think this concept is unique to Guerlain? Also, is it fair to charge extra for the latest marketing ploy?

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