Guerlain Le 2 De Guerlain Mascara - Expert Review ...


Guerlain Le 2 De Guerlain Mascara - Expert Review ...
Guerlain Le 2 De Guerlain Mascara - Expert Review ...

This innovative Guerlain mascara has a double brush set and promises maximum coverage. The large brush is designed for the main application and a smaller brush is meant to reach every last lash. But let's see how well this mascara performs when put to the test.

Type of Mascara: Volumizing, Lengthening & Curling
** Colors Available: **Noir, Bleu, Brun, Violet
** Price Range:** Expensive
Product Description:
Application becomes more precise and the gesture simpler and more effective using this Guerlain mascara. Molded in a single piece of flexible material, the brush offers the right balance between softness for comfortable application and rigidity for effective lash separation. Narrower in the middle it is designed to apply mascara at a single stroke without loss of precision. Breathtaking, it boosts volume, length and curl in the wink of an eye. The ultra-short wand catches the finer lashes that other traditional mascaras miss and gives the same finish as longer lashes.
My Experience:
This mascara makes other products look like child’s-play! I think it’s so well designed and it’s great to finally discover a mascara so dedicated to its job! The large brush worked absolute magic on my lashes, I would have been impressed with it alone. The small brush isn’t just smaller but is also angled, to help reach those little corner lashes. Complete coverage in two easy steps. A stunning result created so effortlessly. What a great product! I would definitely recommend it…to my richer friends! I appreciate the superb design and the spectacular lash-effect but a similar effect can be created for less. What’s the point in spending all that dosh on beautiful lashes if you don’t have a few dollars left to go out and show them off!

Rating: Excellent but overpriced!

Price: $35 at

Do you think it’s worth paying extra for an advanced design like this mascara offers? Would you agree with this mascara review?

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Makes sense, you also need some cash to go do something with those lashes. Isn't sad that everything good is so damn expense. I tried the same mascara and liked it but could not justify the $39.00 plus tax to buy again still looking for something just as good and not expense cause you only can keep it for 3 months. Thanks for the info.

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