MAC Eye Kohl Eyeliner Review ...


MAC Eye Kohl Eyeliner Review ...
MAC Eye Kohl Eyeliner Review ...

I started using liquid eyeliner about six years ago because I didn’t think I could get a clean, gorgeous line with a kohl pencil. But I rediscovered pencils a couple of weeks ago, when I tried a MAC Eye Kohl pencil. I’ve ditched my liquid liners..

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I’ve got green eyes, so I chose Prunella, a deep, rich violet, and Teddy, a simmering, smokey brown, but there are a total of eleven different shades to choose from, including Blooz (cobalt blue), Phone Number (grey), Minted (green), and Rosemary & Thyme (a goldy-brown). Who comes up with the names for these colors? They’re all gorgeous, rich, and oh-so-easy to use! They glide on beautifully, with no lumps or unwanted smudging. And they’re long, not some stubby CoverGirl eye pencil you’ll have to replace in a month. The colors really pop, but wash away easily with warm water and a soft washcloth. I just sketch a quick, soft line on my upper lid as close to my lash-line as I can, working from the inside out, and add a dash of brown/black mascara, and my eyes are done! I wear the Eye Kohl all day, and amazingly, it doesn’t soak it, smear, smudge, or flake away. I haven’t needed a mid-afternoon touch-up, not even once! If you’re in the market for a new eyeliner pencil, choose your favorite color from the MAC Eye Kohl line-up and give it a go!

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I just can't get a straight line with liquid eye liner! Maybe this one would do the trick! *Hopefully*

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