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L'Oreal PerfectSlim Pro-Massage Review

By Jennifer

Few products have caused the same kind of beauty-blog buzz as the L’Oreal PerfectSlim Pro-Massage device.

Women from Shanghai to the States to Brazil are filling message boards and blogs with questions like “I have terrible cellulite on my thighs/tummy… does this product really work?” and testimonials from other women who swear that yes, it does indeed work. But I’m one of those women who’s naturally reluctant to try something new, or to part with my hard-earned money on something I’m not sure will work. On the other hand, I’ve recently started to see some minor cottage-cheesy puckering on my rather generous derriere, so I tracked down one of the devices and some of the firming concentrate (Co-caffeine CX), took a deep breath and a hot bath, and gave it a try for one week.

And guess what?

It works!

At first, it was a little odd. The PerfectSlim massager is shaped like a small bottle of shampoo, and is about as heavy. The “lid,” where you’d expect the shampoo to squirt out, is instead topped with two wheeled massagers, facing each-other at an angle. After my daily shower or bath, I massaged my somewhat lumpy upper thighs with the device, using an upwards motion, not an up-and-down motion. The massager is easy to hold and is very user-friendly. I immediately felt a deep tingle kind of sensation, much like I would after a hands-on deep-tissue massage, only far less painful. Once the massage step was complete, I rubbed in the Firming Concentrate, enriched with something L’Oreal calls “Co-Caffeine CX,” which claims to smooth the appearance of cellulite. Again, I was skeptical. The process only took about twelve minutes. Could it really make a noticeable difference? After the first use, I didn’t see a difference in the cellulite, though my skin felt warmer and tighter, which to me meant the PerfectSlim massager had worked at improving circulation, at least.

The second day, the process was a little faster, taking about ten minutes, but I didn’t see anything different. By the fifth day, I thought I felt an improvement, and by the seventh day, only one week, I did see a difference. I sort of wished I had taken a “before” photo!

I’d love to say I intend to keep using the device every single day for the rest of my life, since it did work so well, but to be honest, I’m too lazy. I’ll probably use it two or three times a week, after my shower or bath, and see if I notice an improvement without having to commit so much time, without adding it to my daily beauty ritual.

In short, if you have visible cellulite, and it bothers you enough that you would commit to spending ten minutes every day to combating it, then this is the L’Oreal PerfectSlim Pro-Massage is the product for you. Check your local drugstore for the massager and firming concentrate, and if you can’t find it locally, try eBay. And good luck! I hope you enjoy the same success I did!

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