12 Best Night Moisturizers for Winter ...


12 Best Night Moisturizers for Winter ...
12 Best Night Moisturizers for Winter ...

Winter is on the way, and with the cold and snow comes dry, chapped skin.

The lightweight night cream you use in the summer may not be enough to repair and protect your skin from the wretched winter weather.

But don't hide inside! Use my best night moisturizers list to find a new favorite way to save your skin while you sleep!

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Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiwrinkle Night Cream

Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiwrinkle Night Cream Price: $52 at sephora.com
This night cream decreases wrinkles and improves skin tone using the same chemicals that keep oak tress healthy. Winter skin can be rough and chapped, but not with this cream!


Kinerase PhotoFacials Sun Damage Reversal System Night Moisturizer

Kinerase PhotoFacials Sun Damage Reversal System Night Moisturizer Price: $88 at sephora.com
Even in the middle of winter, sun damage is a danger. So reverse the sun damage from the summer and prevent further damage with this night cream. Nearly every woman who tried this product and used it regularly noticed a dramatic decrease in roughness (it is winter, after all) and an increase in radiance. Who doesn’t want more radiant skin?


Prevage® anti-Aging Night Cream

Prevage® anti-Aging Night Cream Price: $125 at sephora.com
This isn’t just an ordinary night cream. It’s an anti-aging miracle! In the morning, you’ll have a bright, firm, even, and radiant complexion.


Boscia Recharging Night Moisture

Boscia Recharging Night Moisture Price: $44 at sephora.com
Soybean for hormonal balance, jojoba leaf to fight free radical damage, and willowherb to soothe and heal dry, tired winter skin. What more could a girl ask for?


Caudalie Vinexpert Night Infusion Cream

Caudalie Vinexpert Night Infusion Cream Price: $68 at sephora.com
Want rested, smooth, silky skin, even in those cold winter months? Use this at night after your night-time cleansing regimen for best results. A little bit goes a long way!


Decleor Aromessence Angelique Night Balm

Decleor Aromessence Angelique Night Balm Price: $69 at sephora.com
Is your winter skin desperate for hydration? Use this cream at night to help heal and soothe your skin, and the for aromatherapy to help you relax and sleep well.


Juice Beauty Green Apple Antioxidant Moisturizer

Juice Beauty Green Apple Antioxidant Moisturizer Price: $45 at sephora.com
The ingredients of this sound good enough to eat: organic apple, lemon, and grape juices and vitamin C, among others. These anti-oxidants protect and smooth itchy, dry winter skin while you sleep.


OLE HENRIKSEN Sheer Transformation

OLE HENRIKSEN Sheer Transformation Price: $45 at sephora.com
Do you have age spots or other skin discolorations in addition to chapped winter skin? Then this is the cream for you! It smooths and protects your skin, and fades skin discolorations. Perfect for all skin types.


NUDE SKINCARE Replenishing Night Oil

Price: $78 at sephora.com
This smells so lovely I have a hard time not using it as perfume! Tahitian vanilla, yum! This oil is formulated to prevent free radical damage caused by harsh winter weather. Perfect for silky, smooth skin!


Fresh Mamaku Night Serum

Price: $85 at sephora.com
This night-time serum contains vitamins A, C, and E to encourage your skin to renew while you sleep. Pair this with a morning exfoliating scrub to get rid of those cells damaged by wind and cold for a healthy glow.


Shiseido the Skincare Night Moisture Recharge - Regular

Price: $41 at sephora.com
Use this night-time cream after your bed-time cleansing ritual. In the morning, you’ll notice a soft, smooth, healthy glow.


Philosophy when Hope is Not Enough Replenishing Cream

Price: $48 at sephora.com
This thick, non-greasy cream contains borego seed oil and wild yam. It doesn’t just moisturize, it helps protect your skin.

Use these products and say good-bye to rough winter skin while you sleep! What could be easier?

What is your secret night-time weapon against winter skin? Let me know!

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I have been using L'Oreal night cream in the blue jar. Just had my 53rd birthday yesterday(did I admit that?)I love the scent of it, but I am almost out and maybe I'd like to try something else. Any suggestions? I like a super rich but not totally oily cream. Oh, and not too expensive.

Intersting as always Jennifer :)

If you haven't discovered 'Made from Earth' yet, their "Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer" cream is marvelous. It's worth every penny - a jar will last you forever since there's no water in it, it's a very concentrated and rich emulsion of natural ingredients. it heals uncomfortable dry patches anywhere on your body, it softens cuticles, it makes a great eye cream when my eyes are irritated by allergies. It is a little rich and heavy for a regular face moisturizer for me (my skin is normal although it's a little dry in the winter), although from time to time if my face is feeling tight I will dab on a little at night.

Hi Jennifer! Your post is really helpful right now, since it seems that I will have to go back to spend another winter in Siberia and there I need all the hydration I can get. I spend my last winter there also I there creams that here last me about 2 months, there didn't last more than 3 weeks. The temperatures are terrible ( -25 degrees) and using face creams must be your first priority (yeah, even before the makeup). I have survived last winter with Clinique Superdefense Cream with SPF for oily skin :)

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