10 Best and Worst Shower Products ...

I don’t know about you ladies but I’ve been showering, really since birth. And since the start of my bathing career I’ve seen many products come and go. So, I thought I would use my years of experience and share my knowledge of the best and worst products that one finds in their shower at one time or another.

1. Razors

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Best: Shick Slim Triple Disposable Razor
Price: + $7.99 at drugstore.com
You may be a little wary but really, it’s the best razor I’ve found to date. They’re cheap, they do what they’re supposed to, and they give you that nice, clean and close shave that every woman is looking for. And they’re slim!

Worst: (bold) Shick Quattro for Women High Performance Disposable Razors
Price: (bold) $7.99 at drugstore.com
Fawn Giveth and Fawn taketh away. Shick provides me with both my favorite and least favorite razors. This Quattro’s top is too bulky and despite the addition of an extra blade, it really fails to impress me with the closeness of its shave and I really hatein-grown hair! I give it 4 thumbs down, for each of its useless blades.

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