7 Fabulous L'Occitane Products ...


7 Fabulous L'Occitane Products ...
7 Fabulous L'Occitane Products ...

My first brush with L'Occitane.com was just a few weeks back when I saw their Shea Butter ultra rich body cream on a friend's nightstand. I generally love shea butter and since I'd never heard of L'Occitane, the curious cat in me just had to try this very interesting looking bottle. Of course my friends rave reviews did little to suppress my curiosity so try I did. And wow! It smelled absolutely divine and the cream itself was so luxurious and velvety that I felt instantly moisturized and pampered. So of course, the minute I was on my computer, I had to look it up and share it with you ladies...

Created in 1976 by Olivier Baussan, L'Occitane offers a whole range of natural beauty products and fragrances inspired by the local Mediterranean cultures. They believe in phytotherapy or the art of healing through plants and have been using over 200 active ingredients for over 30 years to create natural, effective and amazing products that will enrich your whole being. Essentially, it is a combination of age old knowledge and modern research that helps create products with limited parabens, chemical sun filters and silicones and more natural goodness! Here are some of my favorite products from L'Occitane.com :

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Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream Price: $39.00 at usa.loccitane.com
Why not start with the product that first sparked my interest in this line? This ultra rich shea butter cream is enriched with linseed, mallow, sweet almond, honey extracts, apricot oil and vitamin E. I love how it's creamy and yet non greasy and the scents of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences will just blow your mind!


Aromachologie Relaxing Bath and Massage Oil

Aromachologie Relaxing Bath and Massage Oil Price: $18.00 at usa.loccitane.com
I have always loved luxurious, spa like baths and this bath and massage oil would make the perfect addition to anyone's bath products. It combines essential oils of lavender, geranium and tea tree that help calm and relax both body and mind. The grapeseed, apricot, borage and sallow thorn oils nourish and moisturize skin. Can you imagine how wonderful it would feel at the end of a long, hard day?


Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap - Verbena

Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap - Verbena Price: $10.00 at usa.loccitane.com
I usually refrain from using soaps because they are too harsh but this Shea Butter soap is as gentle as a dream! It is nourishing and smells wonderful thanks to the verbena and is overall a great everyday soap. By the way, they have a whole range of delightful French soaps that you must check out!


Cherry Blossom Pampering Set

Cherry Blossom Pampering Set Price: $90.00 at usa.loccitane.com
Whether you're looking for a gift for your best friend's birthday or your sweet mom for Mother's Day, how about this lovely cherry blossom pampering set? It contains a bottle of cherry eau de toilette, shower gel and a shimmering body lotion... because nothing says pamper like exotic cherry blossom!


Immortelle Divine Cream

Immortelle Divine Cream Price: $95.00 at usa.loccitane.com
I've got to admit, the first thing that attracted me to this product was the bright yellow bottle but the more I read about it, the more I was convinced that this is a must have anti-aging cream. It contains Immortelle, a mysterious flower from Corsica which yields an essential oil that reduces signs of aging by multiplying collagen production, improving microcirculation and fighting against free radicals. It also contains Myrtle essential oils that help in skin regeneration. I know, it's a bit pricey but oh-so-worth it!


Shea Butter Foot Cream

Shea Butter Foot Cream Price: $26.00 at usa.loccitane.com
Spring is here and now is the time to throw your leg warmers and boots at the back of your closet and flaunt your feet! Of course feminine sandals and pretty nail color would help but you also need beautiful, healthy feet. With lavender essential oils, anti-inflammatory arnica and refreshing mint, this shea butter foot cream is your shortcut to fabulous feet.


Almond Apple Velvet Concentrate

Almond Apple Velvet Concentrate Price: $42.00 at usa.loccitane.com
One of their best sellers, this almond apple velvet concentrate will enhance and protect your skin from the first signs of aging. The almond firms skin and smoothens fine lines, the apple vinegar tightens pores and the almond milk nourishes and softens skin. Overall, a great product for beautiful, wrinkle-free skin!

This space is much too small to describe all their wonderful products so head to L'Occitane.com right now and check out what they have to offer. I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Don't forget to tell me which product excited the beauty queen within you!

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L'Occitane is awesome... the hand creme is phenomenal as well! Only a pea sized amount from the tube is more than enough for your hand. Oh! Almost forgot. For blemishes...the Lavender Vinegar is great for spot treatment!

I never tried it, but I want to now! They sell some of these products on International flights, I am definitely getting that hand care set they are offering. Thanks a lot for the post!

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