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8 Beauty Treatments of the Future ...

By Alison

Ever wished the boffins and beauty experts would invent something to solve your beauty problems? Here is my list of products and inventions that I would love to see on the market.

1 FringeFlat

FringeFlat I scare myself when I get up, look in the mirror, and realize I have been sleeping on my front again. It sticks up in sections as if I have been electrocuted. Oh, for a spray that would make it go flat in seconds.

Photo Credit: *amy&kimball

2 The Body Drier

The Body Drier Why has someone not invented this yet, so we can save all that faffing about with towels, trying to dry the bits that are hard to reach and wobbling on one leg as we dry our feet?

Photo Credit: night photographer

3 BagsBeGone

BagsBeGone This product would instantly banish eye bags and dark circles. Yes, I’ve heard the tip about pile cream too, but really … would you?

Photo Credit: snippy.snippy.crab.kris tine.

4 Allertest

Allertest This would instantly analyze any product and tell you if you would react to it. Such a gadget would make my life so much easier, as I have skin allergies and have to read complicated labels to try to work out if I can use a product or not.

Photo Credit: Herman Au -

5 SpotAway

SpotAway This would be specially formulated to zap those annoying zits that time their appearance for the day before a big date or important event.

Photo Credit: evaxebra

6 The Colorizer

The Colorizer A spray that would instantly change the color of your hair temporarily, so no dye jobs and no commitment. You could try something new every day.

Photo Credit: Cherry Bomb 81

7 The FuzzBuster

The FuzzBuster Not everyone is suitable for laser hair removal, so I’d like to see a gadget that could be used in the home to get rid of that annoying body hair. Cover the desired area with a special gel or cream, and with one press of a button, those hairy legs are history.

Photo Credit: FlipTastic

8 The BrowBeater

Having very dark eyebrows, I spend a lot of time plucking and trying to make both brows match. I’m not convinced that those stencils will actually give you a flattering shape. The BrowBeater would automatically identify the appropriate shape for your brows and remove the unwanted hairs.

Now, I know the names of these fantasy products sound like they should be sold on a shopping channel, but would you buy any if they existed? What beauty treatments or products would you like to see on the market?

Top Photo Credit: snippy.snippy.crab.kris tine.

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