7 Beauty Treatments for Summer ...


7 Beauty Treatments for Summer ...
7 Beauty Treatments for Summer ...

After a long period of hibernation, as women there are certain things we need to get done before we're "beach ready." Hair needs to be removed, skin needs to be exfoliated, feet need to be pampered. These are the beauty treatments you just have to get done before you go out and face the world in your tiny bikini this summer...

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Pedicure Photo Credit: ♥ honeybee photography ♥

With the change in weather the world is going to see a lot more of your feet. Whether you're kickin' it inflip flops or chilling out with toes buried in the sand, people are going to be seeing those heels and toes. Why not get them looking beautiful and eye catching before that happens?



Tanning Photo Credit: juju6969ca

I know what you're thinking, why tan yourselfwhen the sun is going to be out all summer? Well, if you're anything like me, then during the winter you develop what I like to call a case of the "pasty whites" and you'll need a good base before going out into the real sunlight or you'll burn like never before. Five minutes every other day for a month and you'll be beautifully bronzed before you even take your first step in the sand.



Waxing Photo Credit: From Nature With Love

We all know what it's like for women in the winter, we wear long pants and sometimes we go a few days without shaving our legs... for warmth of course. So by the time summer rolls around, certain areas need a little attention before you can go out and face the world. So go, wax those legs, underarms and bikini line then put on that bikini and lounge about for a bit.



Facial Photo Credit: shadphotos

Believe it or not, the harsh winter winds and damp ever-changing spring do not do good things for the skin on your face. So go ahead, treat yourself to a facial so that you haveradiant skin this summer!


Body Wrap

Body Wrap Photo Credit: Victoria Photos2008

That's right kiddies, they're not just for weight lossanymore. Body wraps are actually a great way to get rid of a lot of toxins in your body. So this year, start the summer out right by getting a fresh start. Your body will thank you later!


Mud Bath

Mud Bath Photo Credit: markmat

Sometimes you have to get dirty to get clean! Mud baths are not only relaxing, they also make your skin incredibly soft. That and they remind you of having fun as a kid, playing in mud puddles in the back yard. So go ahead and take a dip, and you'll notice a difference.


Hair Cut and Style

Hair Cut and Style Photo Credit: Hair Stylist Kira Pinski

If you're anything like me,haircuts are done based on whim and they're very unexpected. But, even I like to get a new one on the first day of summer. Even if you just add a few more layers, making your hair lighter and cutting off those fried ends is a great way to kick off a new season. And get some highlights, too, while you're at it!

Well ladies, these are the beauty treatments I do at the beginning of every summer, but what are some of your summer beauty rituals? Is there something else I should add to my list? Something I should take off? Let me know down below!

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I personally want to hear more about this "body wrap". I have never heard of it before, but if it is anything like a mask for one's face, that just sounds amazing!

Fawn I love this post. And as for anyone else who seems to be a little confused about skin cancer, your recommendations for five minutes every other day in a tanning bed are perfectly reasonable, give or take the person, which is why it is smart to consult a doctor or dermatologist if you have concerns. They would tell you that skin cancer is primarily hereditary; the reason for the increased rates in skin cancer are due to "Tanorexics" who tan daily and over-stimulate their production of Melanocytes (cells that contain melanin, which is used to protect the nucleus from UV rays; an over-stimulation caused by the sun will cause abnormalties in function and production resulting in cancer). Personally, I don't really use the tanning beds because my family has a history of skin cancer (However, I do recommend L'Oreal self tanners lol) Tanning can actually be prescribed as well, as it is treatable for other skin disorders like psoriasis (not sure if i spelled that right). Bottom line: all in moderation, and use protective lotions

I disagree. Tanning in tanning beds is terrible for the skin and should not be practiced! Skin cancer is becoming more common everyday!

You should never encourage girls or anyone for that matter to Tan! It is so so so bad, It is a breading ground for cancer. There is nothing called a "base tan" thats stupid. If you really want a nice glow, go for airbrush, or where an SPF and get It gradually, over-exposing yourself to the sun Is also very dangerous.

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