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Top 10 Hobbies to Try This Summer ...

By Fawn

It's summertime, and although most of us are past the years of summer breaks, I still find that I have more time in the summer than any other season. So this summer, I've decided to make that time into something creative and pick up a hobby. The following is a list of the 10 hobbies that everyone should at least try out this summer!

1 Photography

PhotographyPhoto Credit: sandy☮

Photography isn't what it used to be — expensive rolls of film have been replaced with tiny SD cards. Pharmacy photo departments have been replaced with websites like Snapfish. And big bulky camera with tripods have become mini digital cameras that fit right into your pocket. This is the perfect time to pick up photography!

2 Making Jewelry

Making JewelryPhoto Credit: christine@planeteventsd irect

That's right, a throw back to age 10 where all you did was make bracelets out of beads and string. The best thing about this hobby is that now, you can get a little more sophisticated with it, add clasps and intricate beading. And, you can do this hobby outside. Just make sure to bring your Caboodle of tools!

3 Painting

PaintingPhoto Credit: Paulette Insall

That's right, painting. If you're anything like me and the extent of your artistic talent only reaches into stick figures and swirls, you really should give painting a try. Sure, your art might be a little... lacking... in your eyes. But, you can always pass it off as abstract!

4 Sculpting

SculptingPhoto Credit: diggix

Take a pottery class and get those hands dirty! Clay is an amazing medium to work with. You can make sculptures, pottery, teacups, basically anything you want. Just be careful with those spinning wheels, when used incorrectly they have a tendency to spin clay EVERYWHERE, trust me.

5 Scrapbooking

ScrapbookingPhoto Credit: melissann

Scrapbooking, it's not just for grandmas anymore. This hobby can get a little expensive and a lot obsessive but it really can be a lot of fun. Just make sure you use good pictures, this is something you'll have for a very long time.

6 Embroidery

EmbroideryPhoto Credit: jessamae22

I know that it's not the 1800's anymore but embroidery is making a come back. Especially in fashion. So why not learn to embroider on a piece of cloth and then experiment with clothes? Besides, you can do this one pretty much anywhere and it'll keep your hands busy!

7 Nature Watching

Nature WatchingPhoto Credit: The_PIXEL_Man

This doesn't mean you have to be up at 4 a.m. to listen to the birds and watch the wind blow. Just take a beach blanket into your backyard or a nearby nature park and watch the birds in the trees or the squirrels in the park. This is pretty relaxing and makes you feel like a part of the world again!

8 Gardening

GardeningPhoto Credit: generalamazo2000

Break out that green thumb and plant a garden. It's relaxing, good for the Earth AND, you'll get a great looking garden out of it! Just make sure to keep up on the weeding. This is not a hobby that you can just pick up for a week and then never think about again!

9 Calligraphy

CalligraphyPhoto Credit: miskan

There is something very cool about being able to change your handwriting with the flick of a wrist. And calligraphy is interesting. You'll want to scratch it all over random papers if you're anything like I am. And, it's not very costly to learn! Either take a class or buy a book. Either way, calligraphy is something that you should try!

10 Playing an Instrument

Playing an InstrumentPhoto Credit: Little Miss Sunshine.

Playing guitar, or any instrument for that matter is pretty sweet if you ask me. You don't have to be an expert, but everyone should know at least a little bit about at least one instrument. So why don't you pick up that old guitar, or beat on that old drum set this summer? If you need a little instructing, they pretty much always classes at the local city center. Why not drop by? What have you go to lose?

Well ladies, these are my summer hobby choices, what are yours? Like to hike or go backpacking? Have you tried any of these great hobbies? Let me know down below!

Top Photo Credit: ce28nn

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