10 Best Birthday Party Themes ...


10 Best Birthday Party Themes ...
10 Best Birthday Party Themes ...

Birthday parties are so fun to plan! Cleaning up after them always makes me want to cry, but who cares! I’ve got a celebration to plan! Next to Christmas, birthdays are the most important event in a child’s life. Let’s make the most of it with these 10 best Birthday party themes!

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Cowboy and Indian

Cowboy and Indian Photo Credit: emmily shaw

What little boy isn’t fascinated with cowboys and Indians? This theme is so easy to implement and enjoy! My son had a ball playing with lassos, and wearing his headband and war paint.



Pirate Photo Credit: TeeRish

Even girls will enjoy the loot and bounty at this party. A hidden treasure is a must when playing pirates and this party also works well around a pool. I made my son a pirate ship cake – hard work, but so worth the effort!


Farm Animals

Farm Animals Photo Credit: Eduardo Amorim

I made cupcakes for my son and decorated them to look like little pig faces. We also had animal mask for everyone to wear and played lots of games revolving around animals. We had so much fun!



Detective Photo Credit: Triborough

I set up a crime scene in the room by the foyer and the every guest had a chance to view the evidence as soon as they entered the party. We had detective coats and hats for everyone, and the treat bags contained magnifying glasses, handcuffs, and disposable cameras. By the end of the party, the crime had been solved, but the cake had disappeared!


Carnival Theme

Carnival Theme Photo Credit: boopsie.daisy

I set up a carnival of games in our backyard. I had a ticket booth (tickets were free) and 7 different booths set up. The games were similar tot hose often found at the fair: ring toss, duck pond, target practice, dartboard, and dunk machine (a.k.a. swimming pool) we had a blast!



Princess Photo Credit: Shana Rae {Florabella Collection}

Every girl is a princess! She will love this theme if she is the dainty type! I actually made a castle cake at my daughter’s party.


Be a Star

Be a Star Photo Credit: myvintagevogue

Little girls have an outstanding imagination. Who doesn’t want to be a star? This is your daughter’s turn to shine. Rent a movie with her favorite star and let the girl’s party all night!


Make up Party

Make up Party Photo Credit: Snapies

How fun it is to play in make up! I bought inexpensive make up for the treat bags, and the treat bags were little make up bags. The girls spent the night sporting all kind of fun styles.


Dress up

Dress up Photo Credit: Snapies

Again, this is another favorite among girls. I bought a trunk full of dress up clothes, hats, high heels, boas, fans and gloves. The girls spent hours dressing up and exchanging outfits. We took pictures and had them made into posters.



Manicure Photo Credit: gwendygay (Wisdom of the Moon)

We had so much fun at this party! I bought a ton of fingernail polish and nail art. All the girls painted each other’s nails. Of course we took pictures of all the zany stripes, polka dots, and sparkles. Of course we painted our toenails too!

Which of these themes do you like the best? Do you have a theme I didn’t mention?

Top Photo Credit: Kimberly Chorney

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Great original ideas love them all!

the manicure one is just so very unique. Love all others too!! <3 :)

Lovely ideas. specially the manicure theme is so unique.

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