7 Fun Themes for Your Wedding ...

What kind of wedding do you envision? Do you see yourself floating down the aisle in a beautiful lace dress with candles lit all over the altar? May be you want a wedding on the ocean with little more than the sand and the sun as your deco. Or have you always pictured a modern affair at some fancy restaurant with the latest in fashion and food? If youโ€™re imagining any of these scenarios, good luck! Iโ€™m sure your day will be beautiful! However, no matter where you decide to get married, you need a theme for your big day! Here are 7 fun themes ideas for a unique and personal wedding.

1. Western

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Ok ladies, your man will especially love this theme because itโ€™s a lot more โ€œguy-friendlyโ€. If you choose and outdoor wedding or reception, you couldnโ€™t find a more perfect theme! Have your groomsmen wear jeans and vests with cowboy hats and your ladies could wear sundresses. They could carry freshly picked wildflowers or if you want some creativity, a lantern! Serve some good olโ€™ barbeque and sweet tea. Your guest will rave about this wedding!

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