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8 Craziest Royal Wedding Souvenirs ...

By Jelena

Royal wedding was undoubtedly the most important event of the year and I honestly believe there wasn’t a person on this world that hasn’t heard about it or spent at least 5 minutes of their life discussing it, even if that discussion was about how boring and totally annoying the whole thing really is. Married ladies started reminiscing their own wedding, brides-to-be couldn’t wait to see the dress and smart entrepreneurs rubbed their hands happily, trying to come up with a new product to slap a picture of the royal couple on. This last, of course, had some pretty wacky, even shocking results so some of these products ended up being the craziest royal wedding souvenirs ever… or at least until prince Harry decides to get married. Well, those craziest royal wedding souvenirs are the topic of my today’s post so here are 8 souvenirs I found shockingly interesting:

1 William & Kate Shoppers

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Standard supermarket bags are not only bad for our eco system but kind of lame in that non-royal way, too! Well, there are many jokes about the Brits out there but there’s one thing we can’t deny- their skill to recognize a good business opportunity and the fact that they have a very big number of eco brands to be proud of. Now, I’m not sure whether the real purpose of this Union Jack reusable shopper is to promote green lifestyle or to making money out of the royal wedding had more to do with it but, hey, it doesn’t really matter!

2 Princess Catherine Doll

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Designers and TV stations all over the world have done one hell of a job at creating almost intergalactic panic about which wedding dress will/should Kate wear. Well, the cat (or dress) is out of the bag now and copies are being made as we speak so you can love it or hate it, it won’t make any difference. There is, however, one interesting toy available out there, a toy that allows all designers (and all others who take the whole “royal wedding dress” issue very seriously) to finally see Kate (or at least the mini version of her) dressed in a wedding gown of their choosing! Well, let’s hope Barbie likes competition because she sure has it now!

3 ”Kiss Me Kate” Beer

”Kiss Me Kate” BeerPhoto Credit:

One line you’d never expect to see on a beer bottle and, yet, that’s exactly where you’re going to find it in case you hop to the Morrisons Supermarket in Leicester! Now, isn’t this one of the craziest royal wedding souvenirs? I mean, imagine going to a convenient store and saying, “kiss me Kate, please” and the salesgirl happens to be Kate. LoL!

4 “Knit Your Own Royal Wedding” Book

“Knit Your Own Royal Wedding” BookPhoto Credit: KnittingPony

If you’re into knitting or have a grandma that’s always in the mood for a new knitting project, you can rely on this book to give you something very special – a chance to knit your own royal wedding! I’m talking about an extensive tutorial on tips, tricks, patterns and knitting techniques that would help you, your grandma or any other lady with some extra time and a pair of knitting needles on her hands, to create dolls representing the newlyweds and their royal wedding party.

5 Royal Teabags

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If every time is a good time for a cup of tea, try adding these special Will and Kate teabags to your tea- drinking ritual. But, aren’t just fun but useful, too, especially in case you prefer to leave your teabag inside the cup. On top of each teabag are the heads and half torsos of either Will or Kate, arms spread in the position that allows you to hook them to the rim, making them appear to be chillaxing in your cup of tea almost if it were a Jacuzzi. Totally wicked!

6 William & Kate Condoms

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Witty phrases like “Crown Jewels” or “And they lived happily ever after…” are some of things you’ll have a chance to read in case you’re lucky enough to get your hands on these special and definitely one of the craziest royal wedding souvenirs! I can’t guarantee you’ll live happily ever after but, if you’re shopping for condoms, you’re definitely up for one interesting night!

7 William & Kate Sick Bags

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How’s this for crazy souvenirs? I understand dress-up dolls, find teabags quite interesting and condoms very funny but this… this is just plain crazy! I can’t tell you whose brilliant idea it was to put photos of the royal couple on puke bags and I have no clue if they actually managed to make some money out of it, but I can definitely tell you this is one of the most useless, craziest wedding souvenirs I’ve heard of. Puke royally…umm… nah… I guess I’ll have to work on my slogan-making skills.

8 William & Kate Nail Art

William & Kate Nail ArtPhoto Credit:

From animal prints to logos and feathers- you can decorate your nails with just anything these days and that, my ladies, includes the photo of the famous couple! This new trend combines popular trends and, as you can see, popular people with our desire to have perfectly groomed nails so, if you want a royal wedding souvenir you’ll be to show off without actually having to show off, inform your manicurist on time, so she could get these stickers. The so-called “photo design” is actually quite popular here so I’m definitely telling this to my sister- I can already see her customers going crazy for Will and Kate nail art! Well, those were some of the craziest royal wedding souvenirs I’ve heard about but you’re more than welcome to share your wacky royal finds, too. Do you think royal wedding was so important that even normal people should keep souvenirs? I, personally, wouldn’t spend my money on these things. Unless we’re talking about something really special or really wacky, of course!

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