8 Craziest Royal Wedding Souvenirs ...

Royal wedding was undoubtedly the most important event of the year and I honestly believe there wasn’t a person on this world that hasn’t heard about it or spent at least 5 minutes of their life discussing it, even if that discussion was about how boring and totally annoying the whole thing really is. Married ladies started reminiscing their own wedding, brides-to-be couldn’t wait to see the dress and smart entrepreneurs rubbed their hands happily, trying to come up with a new product to slap a picture of the royal couple on. This last, of course, had some pretty wacky, even shocking results so some of these products ended up being the craziest royal wedding souvenirs ever… or at least until prince Harry decides to get married. Well, those craziest royal wedding souvenirs are the topic of my today’s post so here are 8 souvenirs I found shockingly interesting:

1. William & Kate Shoppers

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Photo Credit: nwwone.org
Standard supermarket bags are not only bad for our eco system but kind of lame in that non-royal way, too! Well, there are many jokes about the Brits out there but there’s one thing we can’t deny- their skill to recognize a good business opportunity and the fact that they have a very big number of eco brands to be proud of. Now, I’m not sure whether the real purpose of this Union Jack reusable shopper is to promote green lifestyle or to making money out of the royal wedding had more to do with it but, hey, it doesn’t really matter!

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