8 Tips for Surviving a Bridezilla ...

By Lyndsie

8 Tips for Surviving a Bridezilla ...

It happens. It happens in real life, not just on television. I think just about every woman – myself included – has the potential to become a bridezilla. It’s not because you’re a bad person, but because planning a wedding is so stressful. For many, it’s the most important day of your life and it often seems like everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong. So, check out these 8 tips for surviving a bridezilla!

1 Nod and Smile

Nod and Smile Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs

Sometimes, it’s the smartest thing you can do. When the Better Half starts in on ice sculptures and things, that’s what I do. “Yes dear,” I nod and smile, because you have to remember: this is only temporary. Regardless of what the actually Bridezilla show portrays, brides-to-be are not monstrous, they are just stressed! They want everything to be perfect, and sometimes you have to go along with it.

2 Compromise

Anytime you can negotiate with a bridezilla, you are coming out on top. As a bride, you also need to be willing to compromise. She may not be in the right head space to realize that she can’t always get what she wants, can’t afford what she wants, and so on. There are always ways to negotiate though, even if you have to seek it out.

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3 Listen, Listen, Listen

Sometimes, the bride just wants someone to listen to her. She may know her idea is a bad idea, or too much, or simply not possible, and she simply wants to talk it through with you. Don’t immediately start freaking out yourself if you hear the phrase “ice sculpture.” She might just want to say that she likes the idea but thinks it’s over the top, and then get your opinion on the subject.

4 Delegate Responsibilities

Delegate Responsibilities Photo Credit: *Cinnamon

I hate to say it, but there are bridesmaids and a maid of honor for a reason. Ideally they are supposed to help, since usually the bride chooses close friends and family members. If you see the bride getting overwhelmed, start delegating responsibilities, needs, and orders to other members of the wedding party – even the groomsmen. They can help too.

5 Be Zen

If you can stay calm and cool yourself, you’re already ahead of the game. Don’t take things personally right now and try to put yourself in the bride’s shoes. She’s stressed! If you have to vent and complain, do it to people who are not at all involved in the wedding – otherwise it is going to get back to the bride. It always does.

6 Think up Distractions

Regardless of how much there is to do, sometimes the bride needs to be distracted. Take her shopping, take her to get a massage or a manicure or something where she gets pampered, take her out to eat, even sequester her away with some drinks, good food, and her favorite movie. Give her the time and the opportunity to decompress from all the stress.

7 Know when to Say No

Know when to Say No Photo Credit: Ommlette

Sometimes you just have to put your foot down. You can’t let the wedding or her behavior ruin a friendship or relationship. Sit her down and have a talk with her, let her know what’s getting out of hand.

8 Be Firm

Whether you are the groom, the partner, the best friend, a family member, or a member of the wedding party, be firm and be willing to stand up for yourself – without being aggressive or confrontational. But don’t let a stressed out bride take things out on you. Let her know that you’re not going to stand for it, but that you love her and are more than happy to help her if she’s willing to chill, compromise, and be cool.

Brides get a bad rap sometimes because of how they’re portrayed. I’m just in the early planning stages and sometimes feel like my head is going to spin around. Do you have any tips for dealing with a bridezilla? And do we have any bridezillas willing to share their stories?

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Remember: SHE is always right! Ahahahaha! Goodluck to a bridezilla's maid of honor!



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