8 Things to Keep You Occupied when You're Alone ...


8 Things to Keep You Occupied when You're Alone ...
8 Things to Keep You Occupied when You're Alone ...

Some people truly enjoy being alone, but not me. I like a bit of quiet time every now and then, but I’d much rather have my family around. My husband recently returned from a very long trip – alright, it was only a week, but it seemed like ages. I had to find things to do that kept my mind off of being without him. In case you’re like me and would rather not be all by yourself, then here are 8 things to keep you occupied when you’re alone.

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Work outside

Work outside Photo Credit: Don3rdSE

Now, this only works if you’re an outside person. I absolutely live for gardening during the warm weather. I plant seeds, seedlings, saplings, freshly rooted clippings from plants I’ve obtained from my grandmother or mom, and sometimes I have to replant what the dog has unearthed. Digging in the dirt and planning my next location for flowers or veggies to be placed is very therapeutic. It also puts a smile on my face to see how well the plants end up doing as the weeks go on.


Bake a Dessert

Bake a Dessert Photo Credit: yoshiko314

Desserts will generally last longer than a casserole or an entrée. Baking a pie, cake, or batch of cookies also makes the house smell fantastic. I like baking things that my family enjoys, just to see the smile on their faces when they come home to the smell of yumminess. I also find that baking takes a bit more time than a regular meal, which means I have less time to think about being alone. Baking makes me happy and usually eating my freshly baked creation makes me even happier.


Read Something

Read Something Photo Credit: scampion

Reading a book – or the stack of magazines I subscribe to and never get a chance to read – is perfect for transporting my mind to another place. Whether it’s Hollywood gossip or a nail-biting murder mystery, I’m all for assistance in focusing on somewhere other than the place I’m sitting all alone at. I have a stack of books just for such occasions. There are a few that I’ve picked up repeatedly and then put back down after a few pages because they weren’t the ‘right’ ones. Some books will grab your attention right away and others have to work up for it. When I’m sitting here alone, I don’t usually have the patience to wait for the good parts to begin, so I tend to flip through a magazine instead.


Watch a Favorite Movie

Watch a Favorite Movie Photo Credit: tlp photography

It’s usually best to stay away from sappy, romantic movies and opt for a comedy or a spunky musical. I have my favorite movie at the very top of the DVD pile. In my opinion, it’s the best comedy ever and I don’t even have to be watching it to have a smile spread across my face. Sometimes I’ll put it on and have it in the background as I do things around the house. It’s just like having the radio on, but I can picture the scenes in my head as I listen to the movie. I’ve watched it so many times I find myself laughing before the funny part happens, just because I know what is coming next.



Clean Photo Credit: Midnight-digital

I know, who likes to clean? Actually, I enjoy it quite a bit and love the way the house, cabinet, or yard looks after I’ve tidied up a bit. The sunny weather tends to trigger this reaction to loneliness more than when it’s cloudy outside. There are times when I start off cleaning one thing and this leads to the cleaning of something else, and so on. This can easily turn into an all-day event or even a multi-day cleaning marathon. It’s very easy to take your mind off of being alone when you’re covered in cleaning products and lint.


Play with the Animals

Play with the Animals Photo Credit: moggierocket

We have new kittens that are very entertaining all on their own. What’s more fun is to create something for them to explore. I think this might be fun for me because I miss making playhouses and forts with my kids. They are a bit too old for cardboard box houses. There’s no way they’d ever fit in them anymore! However, the kittens have a grand old time with a simple box, some holes cut in the sides and one in the top, and some string. I also have a dog who loves to chase the tennis ball without tiring. I find that seeing my animals’ enthusiasm makes me happy too.


Sew Something New

Sew Something New Photo Credit: sh.nava

I’m by no means a seamstress. I don’t sew clothing, well, I did hand-sew a ninja suit for my son’s GI Joe toy when he was a toddler. Thankfully he was too little to see what a crazy looking outfit it was! I’m surprised the arm and leg pieces were even. I’ve pulled out the sewing machine and made a couple of curtains, a new cat bed, some toys for the cats with catnip and scraps of material, a bag to put my clothespins in when I’m hanging clothes on the line, and I’ve repaired a few pairs of pants. Of course, I usually have to get an idea before I decide to drag out the machine, but the result is always an interesting sight.


Call Mom, Sister, or Close Female Friend

Call Mom, Sister, or Close Female Friend Photo Credit: just_skizo

Talking with my mom, sisters, or best friend seems to help the most of all. Each of them have been in my shoes and know just how I’m feeling. We don’t talk about the absence, but tons of other things. Laughing is definitely the best medicine and it is well supplied by my mom and sisters. Sometimes we’ll only talk for a short period of time, but it’s enough to keep me smiling for the rest of the day. There’s always a funny story that one of them has to share.

I find that these 8 things to keep you occupied when you’re alone have come in handy a number of times. Maybe they will also help you to keep your mind off of missing your loved ones. Do you already have things to occupy your time when you are alone and don’t want to be? Is there one thing that always manages to take your mind off of being alone? Feel free to share your ideas!

Top Photo Credit: *spudballoo*

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