7 Fun Things to do on a Boring Plane Ride ...


7 Fun Things to do on a Boring Plane Ride ...
7 Fun Things to do on a Boring Plane Ride ...

My family lives across the country, so when I want to see them, I can either drive for four days, or take a plane ride for seven hours. Most of the time, I fly of course, but how can a girl entertain herself on a boring plane for that long? People watching is only interesting for about fifteen minutes, so after that, you’d better have brought a carry-on bag with some fun things to do for the rest of the flight! Here’s my list of 7 fun things to do on a long, boring plane ride…

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Read a Book

Read a Book Photo Credit: JennKstep

This is one of my very favorite things to do on a plane, mostly because it’s one of the very few times I’m not supposed to be doing anything else — tending to kids, doing homework or work, cleaning, cooking… when I’m stuck on a plane, I have the peace and quiet I need to read a book with no distractions! Now, back to “Pride and Prejudice.”


Watch a DVD

Most iPods and laptops, and even some handheld video game devices, allow you to play movies, and you can buy a portable DVD player. If you’re going to be on a plane for a while, why not watch a movie, either an old favorite, or something you’ve been wanting to see but just haven’t had the time? Be sure to bring headphones, though, since most airlines won’t let you listen unless you have them, to be polite to the other flyers.


Listen to Music

Listen to Music Photo Credit: JennKstep

If it’s just a short plane trip, you may not want to lug a laptop or DVD player with you, and the flight may not be long enough to watch an entire movie, so why not just listen to some good music? Be sure, again, to bring headphones, and also make sure your iPod battery is fully charged!



Something about an airplane, either the motion or the low rumble, makes me sleepy. Why not take a nap while you’re flying? Bring a small fleece blanket and a small neck pillow on the plane with you, and catch some much-needed zee’s.


Play a Video Game

Play a Video Game Photo Credit: JennKstep

I’m a video game junkie, and I love playing video games while I’m flying! My Nintendo DS makes it easy and fun to play my favorite games (like Viva Pinata!) on even a long flight. I’m also hooked on the Lego Indiana Jones!


Listen to a Podcast

Some of my favorite radio shows are on during times when I just can’t listen, so I subscribe to their podcasts… and after a while, those podcasts tend to pile up! So when I fly, sometimes I’ll be sure to download a few podcasts to catch up on my favorite radio shows, like “This American Life.”


Play Cards

Play Cards Photo Credit: erin MC hammer

If you’re flying with a friend, why not bring a deck of cards and play a few hands of poker or rummy while you’re on the plane? You can also play solitaire if you’re flying alone, or Go Fish if you’re flying with a child. That’s what the tray tables are for, right?

Those are just a few suggestions of things you can do to pass the time on a boring plane trip, but I’m sure there are lots more! How do you spend your flight time? Do you have any other suggestions to share? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Amy Dunn

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To be honest.. this is kind of stating the obvious? Reading a book, listening to music or sleeping on a plane isn't really that imaginative..

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