7 Fun Drinking Games for Any Party ...


7 Fun Drinking Games for Any Party ...
7 Fun Drinking Games for Any Party ...

I'm sure that just about every woman in the world has been to a party where someone has suggested a drinking game. And I'm sure at that same party, just about everyone has had to rack their brains in order to find a game that everyone knows how to play. Well, this post is for those people. The following are 7 fun drinking games for any party!

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Ride the Bus

Alright, here's how it's done. Make a pyramid of cards that are face down. Start at one card and go all the way down to a row of six. Deal the rest of the remaining cards to each player and then flip over the first card of the sixth row. Each player then looks at their hand. If they have a match they lay it down and assign the person of their choice to drink. Lay down as many matches as you can. Any card you lay on row 6 counts for 1 second of drinking, row five is 2 seconds, row 4 is 4 seconds, and up by two until you reach 10 at the top of the pyramid. When all four cards have been laid in the pyramid it's a "social" where everyone drinks the number of seconds in the row that the last card was laid in. Get rid of all matches quickly because the person with the most cards at the end of the game "rides the bus." To "ride the bus" shuffle all the cards and lay them out one at a time until a face card comes up. For every card that is drawn before the face card you drink for 2 seconds. The game is over when the face card is drawn, and the "bus rider" doesn't have to drink anymore.



Put an unopened beer in the middle of the table and surround it with cards that are face down. Each person picks up a card and each card means something different. Once you have picked up a card you must put it under the tab of the beer can in the center of the table. The person that pops the can has to drink the whole thing.


Beer Pong

Although rules may vary the object of beer pong is simple. Get your ping pong ball into as many cups as possible so that the other team has to drink. Set up ten cups in a pyramid at each end of the table the point should be near the center of the table. Fill each cup with about an inch of beer. Have 2 water cups for rinsing the ball, since you'll be drinking that beer when the other team gets the ball in the cup. The first team to make a ball into each of the cups win. You get one shot per teammate before the ball goes to the opposing team.


Flip Cup

There are two teams of people, each team has the same number of people. When the ref says go the first person on each team must drink everything in their cup and then "flippy cup it" in order to flip your cup you put half over the edge of the table and use one finger to push it up and flip it. It's like a flick. In order for the next person to go the teammate in front of them must have their cup flipped. The first team with every cup flipped wins. The losing team must chug a full drink for each player.


Presidents and a-holes

This is basically a drinking game that's like B.S. The first round is to see which player will be the president and which player will be the A-hole. The president can force everyone at the table to drink. The person that comes second can force everyone but the president to drink and so on down the line. The only person that can not make anyone drink is the A-hole. The A-hole is the person that lost B.S. Just remember this is a game of revenge so if your the president you might want to be nice.


Power Hour

This game requires no skill at all to accomplish. The object is to take 60 shots of beer in an hour, one every minute. So watch the clock and play away! The person that gets down the most shots wins, the person that gets through the least has to chug a beer. If everyone makes it through the first hour you play again until someone is out.


Beer Billiards

Each player is assigned a pool ball. It is your job to knock everyone else's balls into the pockets before they can get to yours. Each player gets one turn a round, even if they knock someone else's ball into a pocket. The winner decides how much each loser has to drink.

Well ladies hopefully you've picked up on how to play a few new and fun drinking games. Just remember to pace yourself, drinking games are all about endurance. And drink responsibly. Any other drinking games that you ladies can think of? Let me know down below!

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