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7 Items and Their Caffeine Contents ...

By Talynn

We all know that coffee, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, and chocolate are loaded with caffeine, but do you ever pay attention to how much caffeine you are ingesting? Did you know that too much caffeine could kill you with a heart attack, stroke, or other cardio-vascular problem? (Though it would take quite a bit to do that) You can visit to see how much of your favorite caffeine source it would take to kill you. In the meantime, here are 10 items that are known for their caffeine and their contents:

1 Coffee

Coffee Photo Credit: frida!!!

Coffee is the most popular source of caffeine in the world - it is 75% of the United States caffeine intake. Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee a day - that is 146 BILLION cups a year! And that is just here in America! 14 billion espressos are consumed each year in Italy and Japan ranks 3rd for most coffee consumption. In your average 8 oz. cup of coffee, you will find between 115-175 mgs of caffeine and 330 mgs in a Starbucks 16 oz Grande Coffee.

2 Red Bull

Red Bull Photo Credit: Mohammed AL-Awadi احبج ياكويت

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world. It has been cautioned against the consumption of too much of this beverage due to risks of detrimental effection on endothelial function and normal blood coagulation, though the actual caffeine content is only 80mgs in one can.

3 Jolt

Jolt Photo Credit: soybearbrew

Jolt was first created in 1985, and still exists today, though the company is nearly in ruins. They no longer offer their great "battery bottles" with the re-sealable aluminum lids, but still have the same 71.2 mgs of caffeine per can.

4 Full Throttle

Full Throttle Photo Credit: stechico

Produced by The Coca Cola Company, Full throttle has been re-invented with better taste than when it was originally created. It comes in a 16 oz can, and is 100 mgs of caffeine per each 8 oz serving.

5 Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew Photo Credit: crazybobbles

Did you know that while our American version of Mountain Dew is known to have more caffeine than coffee, the Canadian version is caffeine free? And men should be very careful about drinking too much of this drink, since it's not too kind to the baby-making area of their body! LOL! Mountain Dew has 55 mgs of caffeine per can.

6 Haagan-Daz and Starbucks Ice Cream

Haagan-Daz and Starbucks Ice Cream Photo Credit: Bob AuBuchon

For every 1/2-cup of this delicious cold treat that you enjoy, there is 30 mgs of caffeine hidden amongst the cold goodness!

7 1.45 Oz Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar

1.45 Oz Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar Photo Credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon

It is said that dark chocolate has a way of making you a little frisky - so it is probably a good thing that this candy bar comes with 18 mgs of caffeine so you have some energy! That's what I call "fringe benefits”.

Caffeine has it's place and is a wonderful thing, but we need to treat it like what it is - a drug - a realize that harboring an addiction for it can be a bad thing. Keep up with and be aware of your caffeine intake for a better and healthier you!

What is your favorite caffeine food or drink?

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