7 Halloween-inspired Cocktails ...


7 Halloween-inspired Cocktails ...
7 Halloween-inspired Cocktails ...

Drink up, party people! I’ve made some fabulous (and tasty) Halloween-inspired cocktails and potent punches for this Monster Mash. Eerie, spooky, gross (to look at) or fruity – while sweet and colorful enough for your kids, these liquid treats are for adults only.

Costumes are not required. Unless that IS your costume. *shudder*

Come along and get liquored up with these seven blood-curling beverages. IF YOU DARE (insert evil laugh here). Cheers!

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Ghoul-Aid Punch

Ghoul-Aid Punch Find the recipe at: myrecipes.com
Does RIP mean “Refreshingly Imbibing Punch”? Because this Halloween drink fits its epitaph. I think after a couple pours of this drink, you may very well be resting in peace. On the bathroom floor.


The Green Ghoul

The Green Ghoul Find the recipe at: cocktails.about.com
From our good, green drinking buddies at Midori, this cocktail creation is made spookier than its color by lining the glass in thin black licorice strings. The drink itself is sweet and herbal, but the bit of snappiness from the ginger beer is just the trick. Watch our for the (drunk) apparitions that will soon follow.


Spider’s Kiss

Spider’s Kiss Find the recipe at: drinkoftheweek.com
Also from Midori, this melon liquor and vodka concoction is served in a martini glass that is spider’s-web-drawn in chocolate. But I swear, if that bartender dropped one of those plastic arachnids at the bottom of my glass, heads will literally roll. I am OK with a kiss from a web, but not from any eight-legged monster. Eek.


Alien Urine Sample

Alien Urine Sample Find recipe at: food.com
At first glance upon this urine sample, I’d say this alien has something. Perhaps a bit of the rock n’ roll fever and the boogie-woogie flu? But I’m no doctor. I just drink like one. A full liquor pyramid of banana, melon, peach and a touch of Malibu rum – remember: do not drink and fly UFOs.


Brain Hemorrhage

Brain Hemorrhage Find recipe at: drinkoftheweek.com
Never have I met a drink that might actually cause a little brain damage. That is, until I made this ghastly shot. The Brain Hemorrhage is not just a clever nickname – it is one seriously sweet peaches and cream combination. Make sure the kids are in bed (or staying elsewhere) because after drinking a few of these, Halloween guests are about to get stupid.


Vampire Kiss Martini

Vampire Kiss Martini Find the recipe at: simplystated.realsimple.com
Bloody Glass Rim directions here: hostessblog.com
What is Halloween without a few vampires? I mean, what really is Southern California or the movie and book industries or Twi-hards without them? A LIFE NOT WORTH LIVING AS A MORTAL, of course. Sparkling, pasty-face teen hotties or not, fit right in with the rest of the night stalkers, drinking one of these bloody-sucking-ly good Vampire Kiss martinis. I’m going out for a bite to… drink.


Bloody Eyeball Martini

Bloody Eyeball Martini **Find the recipe at: **whattodrink.com
The eyes have it in this simple gin or vodka martini (straight, chilled, stirred… RAWR!). Prepare the pimento-stuffed olive eyeballs and radish sockets a day ahead of time – with or without alcohol. We won’t judge. Then, when the party starts, these martinis really make a spooky – and splashy – appearance.

Are we drunk… err, having fun yet? (Turn that music down!) I think somebody needs to spike that punch bowl again. What is your favorite or creative Halloween-inspired cocktail? Happy Halloween!

Top Photo Credit: nikaboyce

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