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If you've lately been thinking that the whole idea of sexy Halloween costumes is getting just a little bit ludicrous, then I bet you one sexy kitten and two sexy nurses that Jillian Tamaki is able to put your thoughts into pictures. Hilarious, completely apt pictures that correctly depict the sad, sadly inevitable evolution of sexy Halloween costumes. In fact, her illustrations will probably prove to be prophetic. Take a look at these great recreations, and tell me you aren't positive you'll see at least half of them on Halloween night.
As you can see, these start out pretty standard. I mean, okay, I've never really seen a Sexy Olive Oyl or a Sexy Postal Worker, but I can envision them. And somehow I'm sure that there are animals lovers out there who have totally rocked the whole Sexy Veterinarian look.
Now we're getting to what promises to be the second generation of sexy Halloween costumes, I'm sure of it. Sexy Unemployed Contract Worker is totally relevant to the times, but it's that Sexy "Hungry-Man" Dinner that has the most appeal. And am I the only literature nerd pleased as punch to see Sexy Virginia Woolf?
I'm just as happy to see the sexy version of The Old Man and the Sea -- and it's a first edition, no less!

But my absolute favorite? Sexy Inexplicable Melancholy for the win. I think I found my costume! What's your favorite? Do you have any sexy/ludicrous costumes to add? Visit Jillian Tamaki's website to see more of her work, read her web comics, or just to tell her how awesome she is!

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My favourite was the Virginia Woolf! :)

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